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Meditation Day 2 – Distraction May 30, 2016

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Talk about being distracted.  It was hard to focus, hard for the my mind to slow and stay without thought.  D I S T R A C T E D! There were a few contributing factors, but that is life, and why continuing to P R A C T I C E meditation is important.  It won’t be perfect any day, but keep trying, keep practicing.  Movement then Meditation I think might be key for me.  Perhaps as I become more practiced with breathing exercises, pranayama, and meditation I won’t require the movement as much beforehand.  Time will tell.


I was a ding-dong the night before and locked my keys in my trunk, of course with all the doors locked.  I was waiting until 7am to call AAA and request service.  Days like that are where I can recognize I am human, crap happens, pay the AAA annual subscription, and keep moving.  Thankful for fast service from AAA.  I highly recommend you get some type of Roadside Coverage for moments you are human.  I think I have called every year for something random.  Towing, ran out of gas, key lock out, dead battery, change the tire….11 year membership and counting.  Back to meditation, I was distracted by the time and situation.  Even though I had everything available to set my mind at ease about the situation, I was still thinking about it. 



Laughing Buddha reminding me to laugh at myself when I am human and lock my keys in the trunk! 


I was visiting my sister’s house so I was distracted by all of her plants, not as familiar surroundings, sounds, sights, smells.  I wanted to go explore instead of sit.  I did a distracted version of 3-part yogic breath of lower lung chamber (expand the low belly), middle lung chamber (ribs expand) and upper lung chamber (chest lifts, collar bones broaden).  The breathing helped some, but my mind was still flittering off like a butterfly in a field.  I later have realized that I needed to go ahead do my walk-about and see what my eyes wanted to take in, smell the flowers, look at the different projects going on…and then go back and sit.  I need to recognize the energy I had swirling in my body and desire to explore and do that first, get it out of the way so that I can come back and sit with a more meaningful meditation. 


I finally decided to take a walk and visit the plants, walk the property, and I found myself walking to the horses in the various pastures below my sister’s house.  I had noticed a couple of Paint horses the day before and were drawn to them.  I had caught the eye color of one and I had to see more. 




Cisco, a lovely black and white Paint stallion came over to say Hello and posed several times for me. His elusive friend stay away this morning.



2016-05-28 08.19.59

I snapped a pretty pasture weed flower, they open each morning and close when it starts to get hot in the day. Papery thin petals, very delicate.


Later in the day we enjoyed a nature walk around Lake Purdy in Irondale, Alabama.  To begin to describe the physical difference in my sister’s strength was amazing, I was, am in awe.  I could hardly keep up with her walking…She is on a mission to be stronger, more confident, feeling better, healthier…one step at a time, one day at a time.  #warriorsister #phoenixwarrior #susannaisawarrior #warriorstrong



2016-05-29 08.02.26

Susanna and AnnaCarol blazing the trail ahead.



2016-05-29 08.03.16

Susanna pauses to take in a lake view, and let me catch up.  Smile




Striking veins on this leaf, I think it is from a Sycamore Tree.

The world’s original Google, Dad, can let me know for sure. 



2016-05-29 07.59.29

It is not uncommon for me or my sister to find bones when we are in the woods. 

When we are together, it is almost a guarantee.  We left these to rest where they lay.



2016-05-29 08.04.11

A Mom and her Mini-Me. 

And this is the type of ‘Good’n Tired’ we like to do. Work Hard, Play Hard, Rest Hard.



Thankful for this day, for quality time spent with family, for strength that can continue to grow. 


Spreading Love,

Paying Attention,

Letting my Light Shine,

Treasuring the Journey…one day at a time.





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