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30 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 3 November 3, 2010

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November is the perfect time to pause, count our blessings, and give thanks for the simple things in life.
 If we pause to think, we will have cause to thank.
Every day in November I want to make sure I stop and remember all of the beautiful blessings I have in my life and give thanks. I hope you join me in giving thanks for the simple things in life during this month of thanksgiving.


Day 3: I am thankful for the close relationship I have with my Mom. My step-sisters have all lost their moms within the past year and my half-sister (even though I consider her my whole sister) lost her mom in 2008.  I know and am continually reminded how lucky I am to have her in my life. She can tell by the way I answer the phone if I am busy, need to talk, am in a bad mood, happy, sad, etc. No one knows you like your Momma. She always has time for a chat, a pick-me up, or a good cup of coffee. I continue to learn from her and hope that continues for many years to come. She is so excited about being a grandmother, even though technically she already has 11 step-grandchildren. I am her only baby and she has done a great job at letting me loose enough so that I could spread my wings and fly. So, thank you, Momma, for your love, support, encouragement, and understanding. I will forever be thankful for you.


Mom and I on the night Pete asked me to  marry him – Mardi Gras Dance














Mom on my wedding day! She looked marvelous!



Mom and I at a dance in Sept 2009.