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Kosta Boda at the Salvation Army October 12, 2011

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Kosta who?  Boda what?  Yeah, me either.  Thank goodness for Google to answer all of our questions.  Kosta Boda is a Swedish glassmaking company and has been making decorative glass for over 260 years.  Why does this matter you ask?  Well, keep reading…


During my lunch today, I visited the Salvation Army.  I was digging in the shopping cart of items that had not been priced yet and came across two lovely cobalt blue swirled glass candle holder lovelies.  Yes, I am one of those people who has little to no shame when I thrift store shop. Don’t be afraid to dig away in those carts – it will be one less thing for the employees to have put on the shelves and it is one of those situations of go ahead and do it and ask for forgiveness later kinda scenarios, at least it is in my book.


Kosta Boda Blue Swirl Glass Atoll Votive Bowl Cobalt Candle Holder Signed




These are Kosta Boda votive candle holders in the Atoll pattern.  They are BEAUTIFUL!  More information can be found here: 


Knowing I had found a treasure, I scooped them up and asked for the price. Drumroll please….$1 for BOTH!  So, yes, they definitely came home with me today.  Woo Hoo!  I found them online at and on Ebay in the range of $25.99 – 29.95 each.  TeeHeeHee.  You can buy them from Kosta Boda as well normally $50, but on special for $30. 


These pictures do not do these glass beauties justice.  I tried to capture the swirl look as well, but overcast skies do not make for great indoor pictures! 







Found any good treasures lately?




Bag o’ Clothes July 13, 2011

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I am a frequent shopper at Salvation Army thrift stores.  They reward me for my patronage.  I wish other thrift stores would do the same.  At the Salvation Army stores in my area, they offer a Super Shopper Club card.  Basics of the card are for every 10 dollars you spend, you get 1 stamp on your card.  Collect 10 stamps and you can redeem your card for a $5 bag full of clothes. 


Super shopper


I have been holding onto my full card for several weeks now.  The past few times I have gone to the Salvation Army, I have not found many clothing items, at least not enough to justify the $5 bag.  I did not want to waste my card!  Today my patience paid off.  I stuffed all of the following items into one plastic shopping bag, normal size. 


Gifts for Others:

– 1 shirt for my cousin, Wendy

– 2 shirts for my cousin, Bess

– 1 blouse for my Mom

– 1 blouse for my friend, Katie

– 3 dresses, 3 bibs, 1 hat, 4 bloomers, 5 pants, and 11 onesie outfits for my future niece


Clothing for Pete:

– 2 t-shirts


Clothing for Cason:

– 1 pair of shorts

– 2 onesie outfits


Clothing for Me:

– 2 tank tops for exercise/work-outs

– 7 short-sleeve blouses

– 1 pair cargo shorts

– 1 skirt


All of those clothes for $5!  Awesome!  If you have a Salvation Army thrift store in your area, find out if they have a Super Shopper card program.  If you are in the Florence, Alabama area, the locations in Florence and Sheffield both honor the cards.  I love the fact they have some type of frequent shopper program and I wish other thrift stores would do the same.


I went to the Blue Door Thrift Store on Tuesday.  I do not frequent this thrift store that often (it is on the other side of town), but I try to stop in about once a month.  I bought several items, but the best one was for my baby, Cason.  I have been looking for a walker/bouncer exerciser for him for the past few weeks.  I have seen many, but most have been very dirty and/or missing several pieces.  I came across a Graco Lights and Sound Walker and it was in fabulous condition.  There was a mommy-to-be looking it over as I spotted it from a distance.  She took a few steps past it and I calmly walked swooped in for it.  $15 and it was in great condition!  Yes, I was giddy with excitement and could not wait to get in home, clean it, sanitize it, and try it out with Cason. 


He L-O-V-E-D it!!!  Check out a few of his pics in his new apparatus. 



Found anything good at the thrift stores lately?  I would love to hear about it if you have! 






I heart 50% off at thrift stores! July 9, 2011

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Friday was a good day at St. Vincent de Paul thrift store.  50% off everything in the store.  I was practically skipping to get my shopping cart! I came across a lovely aluminum water pitcher.  I picked up the pitcher for $4!  It is a World Hand Forged aluminum pitcher.  Here are two pictures I found online of it.  The pics I took were not so hot due to lighting issues. Prices I found online for this piece are approximately $35.  We have several aluminum server ware pieces we received for wedding gifts so this piece will fit in nicely with the collection.


Pitcher - side profile



The handle is the coolest feature.


Pitcher - handle





I found these 2 lovely sea life pillow shams as well.  They were a steal at $1.50 each.  You can order them online here for $29.99 EACH!  I think not!  LOL!  These are probably going to my cousin, Linda, for her beach house we will be visiting in October. 


sea life pillow shams



When Cason is older, I hope he enjoys doing some of these science experiments outlined in this book. “How Science Works” by Judith Hann.  It has 100 ways parents and kids can share the secrets of science.  It looks like fun!  Great purchase for $.50.  The sticker on the back was $14.99.  I like my price better!




I also got these books for Cason.  I am hoping it will help Pete and I teach him life lessons.  “Help Me Be Good” book set by Joy Barry.  I had never heard of these books before.  I was able to purchase 18 books out of the 29 book set.  I will be on the lookout for the remaining 11 that I need.  The 18 books I purchased were $.50 each, so $9 total.  There is a full-set for sale on eBay for $42 with the bid going up as I type!  I am hoping to finish out the set for under $15 dollars. 


Help Me Be Good Books



I also got a cute pair of wedge sandals.  Yellow with white polka dots! How fun for summer!  I paid $2 and they are brand new, still with all the original stickers!  If you want some of your own, you can buy a pair on eBay here.


Yellow with White polka dot sandals



I got a slew of other stuff, but these items are the highlights.  Have you found any great thrifty treasures lately?  Don’t you just     L-O-V-E 50% days!


Happy Saturday,




Thrifty Finds @ the Salvation Army Store June 29, 2011

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I have been on a thrift store hiatus for the month of June.  I was trying to last all month without going to a thrift store, but today I caved.  After my yoga class this morning, I decided to make a quick run to Salvation Army.  I swear I felt a strong urge to go there!  I came away with some great loot in my opinion!  Woo Hoo!


Linen-N-Things Bedspread with 2 Shams – fits our queen-sized bed perfectly!  It has one small tear on one square of the spread, but I can easily fix it with a needle/thread.  I love the prints and the blue, turquoise, and green!  Awesome look for summer!  

Linen-N-Things Bedspread & 2 Shams

And the underside of the bedspread if we wanted to go with a not-so-flowery look is small stripes.

Underside of Bedspread

Next came something for Pete and I to use to carry our bundle of boy, Cason.  An Evenflo baby backpack carrier.  It needs some cleaning, but nothing a little OxyClean won’t handle!  Score!  Pete liked it too!  His word was AWESOME!

Evenflo Baby Backpack Carrier

A cute pair of crocheted slippers for me.

Brown and Blue crocheted slippers

A little newborn onesie outfit for my niece who will arrive sometime in November! 

Newborn Onesie

A Build-A-Frame kit.  I bought 4 of them, but they don’t have all the pieces.  I have enough for two frames, measuring roughly 12×14.  I have a small, ok, not so small, collection of picture frames I am gathering for a future gallery wall when we move to our other house. 

Build-A-Frame Kit

A warm, soft, and cuddly blanket, still in the package!  $40 retail price!  Love the color too!

Cuddly Crocheted Blanket - BRAND NEW!

And lastly, a dancing dress for my Momma.  I think she will like it, I hope it fits!  I love the sparkleness (yes I made that word up!) on the top of the dress and jacket.

Dancing Dress       Close-Up of Dancing Dress Jacket

So for my tally:

Bedspread & 2 Shams:  $3

Backpack Carrier:  $5

Slippers:  $1.00

Onesie Outfit: $0.50

Build-A-Frames:  $2

Blanket:  $5

Dress:  $3.50


So what do you think, good loot?  Have you found any great thrifty finds lately?  I would love to hear about them! 




Do you consign? I do, here’s why. December 8, 2010

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Howdy People!

In thinking about what to post this week, I decided to post about being a consignor at a consignment shop. I went today to one of the consignment shops that I consign at to pick up my earnings. I am curious how many of you consign or have tried it before?

We have several consignment stores in my part of the world and this past year I started consigning some of my “gently used” clothing, housewares, jewelry, shoes, purses, and linens at two of the shops. I started off just shopping at the consignment store for clothes and household items. I inquired about the consignment process, since this would be my first time being a consignor. The “setup fee” was $10, make an appointment, they price everything, I make 50% of the sale price, and after 90 days I can either come pick my stuff up or they donate it to a local charity. I thought to myself…hmmmm, minimal input on my part, I get the excess stuff out of my house, and I just may make some $$$ off of this! I have been on a mission to purge our house of its excessive stuff and thought I might as well try the consignment route instead of taking the items directly to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

I made consignment appointments for roughly every 6 weeks so that I would be encouraged to keep going through my excessive stuff and purge, purge, purge. 🙂 I have the option of getting a check cut for my earnings or I can use my account credit earnings to cover my purchases. I have used both options over the past 10 months and LOVE the process. I inquired today at both of the stores on my yearly total earnings and was pleasantly shocked to find out how much I had made over the course of the year from consigning….

Grand total: $289.93!

Again, little input on my part, more stuff is gone from my house, and I earned some money. I will definitely be continuing this process next year, though I may try to shop a little less and not use the account credit as much. I think if I held out all year and get one payout check at the end of the year that it would seem a little more rewarding and definitely put a huge dent into the Christmas shopping budget! Or I could decide on one larger item for myself and use my consignment earnings to buy it. Hmmmm…

I know there are many variations of the pricing, % earned, and so on across the consignment shops, but for me the plan I have works great! I just drop the stuff off and they do the rest. Easy Peasy! So now I have a box labeled “Donate” for items that go directly to Salvation Army/Goodwill, one box labeled “Consignment”, and one box labeled trash. Because I have regular appointments the box for consignment items does not build up and become irritating for me. One thing I always hate about putting on a yard sale is having to hold on to so many boxes of stuff in preparation for the big sale. Not to mention the pricing, haggling, early morning, etc that come with a yard sale.

So, readers, do you consign? If so, I hope you have had great success with it like I have. If you have never consigned, you might want to consider it. I am certainly glad I did! 🙂

Here are two items I bought today with some of my consignment earnings.

A cute little stained glass frame for my baby boy’s room:

A cute little necklace for me:

Iris, the Happy Consignor


Dresser Facelift – Part 1 December 4, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I hope you are having a fabulous Saturday. Pete and I had a bit of slow start to our Saturday, but finally kicked into gear around 3pm today. We gathered our painting and prep supplies and started the process of a dresser facelift. This is our first DIY makeover project together and he was following my lead since I have been reading a ton of blogs lately on refinishing and painting furniture. Some of the blogs/posts I have read for inspiration include Bower Power, Centsational Girl, and Thrift Decor Chick. These ladies ROCK at fixing up thrift store furniture in need of some love and TLC!

A few weeks back I came across this lovely dresser with a little bit of distressed look at my local Habitat Re-Store. I make at least a weekly trip to the Re-Store and eyed the piece for two weeks.

I finally decided to bite the bullet and ask if they could wiggle on the price. I purchased this dandy dresser for $45, they originally wanted $70. I love the clean lines on this dresser and think it will look great in our nursery for Baby Peanut. As you can see from the picture above it is missing one of its handles and in the picture below you can see some of the icky sticky stuff on the top of it.

Pete and I set out today to get the sanding done, handles removed, and wood filler applied. Tomorrow we will paint on a little oil-based primer. Here I am sanding the side of the dresser. Pete started on the drawer fronts. The picture is grainy due to the dust/sand debris flying in the air.

I used 120 grit sandpaper for sanding on my Black and Decker orbital sander. I must brag on Pete for a minute regarding the sander. He knew I was itching to start refinishing furniture and had heard me mention a few times some projects I had in mind. A few weeks back, Pete came across the Black and Decker sander at a yardsale for $5! It came with its carrying case and a plethora of sand paper refills of various grits. WAY TO GO HUBBY! The previous owners had added a handle to the sander to add a little more control to the sander. It works perfectly!

So here is the dresser after Part 1.

We have sanded the dresser and drawer fronts, removed the handles, and filled in the holes. To fill in the holes, we used Elmer’s Wood Filler, like the one pictured below. It is paintable and stainable and should work great. We purchased the wood filler from Lowe’s, the 32 ounce size for $7.19. I opted for the larger size since I know we will be using this as I have many furniture and picture frame projects up my sleeve. We used a tad bit of mineral spirits on the top of the dresser to remove the icky sticky stuff. Worked like a charm!

So that is our progress for Day 1. Tomorrow is another round of sanding to get a nice smooth surface where the wood filler was applied, a good wipe down to remove all the dust particles, and then at least one coat of oil-based primer. We had to call it quits for the evening – it is football time. Go AUBURN!

I am thinking about painting the dresser white, but welcome input from my lovely readers. Let me know what you think. We are painting the nursery a green apple color and will have white gloss trim. I am also unsure of what drawer pulls I am going to use. Since we are missing one handle I will have to replace them. I am undecided if I should use one handle/pull per drawer in the middle or if I shoud use two pulls, one on each side. Let me know what you would do! More to come tomorrow!




Thrift Stores, Thrift Stores, Oh How I Love Thee November 18, 2010

Hello Thrifty Friends,

As usual I made my rounds this week to various thrift stores in my area: Habitat Re-Store, St. Vincent de Paul, Loaves and Fishes, and Salvation Army. Yes, I went to all 4 of them…I told you I was addicted. Well I went a little crazy, but as you know thrift stores can be hit or miss so when you are on a roll why stop? Here are a few (ok a lot) of pictures of the treasures I found this week.

First Baby Peanut stuff:

A few (ok more than a few) cute outfits. $1 each at Loaves & Fishes:




Two Baby Playmats $1 for the 1st one picture from Loaves & Fishes; $2 for the other one from Salvation Army

A Fisher Price Music Maker Toy (it works) $5 from St Vincent De Paul:


And my best Baby Peanut purchase this week:  Fisher Price Vibrating Chair (only missing the hanging toy monkey)…$3.  Yep, $3, and it works!


Next came a lot of pillows, fabrics, and linens:

2 Green Pillow covers (pillows included) pictured in the middle for $3/each and the yellow and green pillows on each end $.50 each.  These will be used in the Spring. 


4 Burgundy Pillow Covers – remember the green and yellow pillows – they are now in these lovely Burgundy pillow covers.  $2/cover.  $8 for new-to-me pillows!  We already had the brown/red pillows.  The brown throw on the right was also a $1 purchase this week.


Some more pillow covers:  2 White covers ($.50 each) and 2 cream linen covers $2 each).  I don’t have pillows to fit these…yet. 🙂


Now moving on to Bed Linens:

2 White Pillow Shams with matching Bedskit (full size).  $2 for ALL! 


2 Khaki Egyptian Cotton Pillow shams and one 1 multi-colored striped sham, $1 for each


Now for some window treatments.  2 long (I have not measured them yet) window treatment panels.  Not sure if I will use these, but they will serve as a great template for me if I decide to attempt to sew my own window panels one day.  $1 for each.  I also bought 4 window sheer curtains but did not photo those.  $.50 each.


And some fabric:  Lovely red wine color (silky type of fabric) and creamy white  (linen like fabric).  $2.50 per fabric roll.  Over 8 yards on each roll!




Now for some items for the kitchen and around the house:

I collect old canning jars, particularly the old blue/turquoise Ball Mason jars.  I have almost 40 of them.  I saw these old Atlas Fruit canning jars with the glass lids for the RIDICULOUSLY low price of $2.50 for all 5 of them.  Even though I normally don’t buy the clear ones, the price was too good to pass up! 


The basket will come in handy and the banana holder has been on my “keep an eye out for” list for a while.  $.50 for the basket and $.75 for the banana holder. 


Two lovely matching crystal lamps.  I will be painting the brass parts a lovely shade of white more than likely.  $15 for the pair!  Just need to look for some shades now!


I have a weakness for Blue & White china/pottery pieces.  When I see them from range in a thrift store it makes my heartbeat increase, and I have to all but run over to them to stake my claim.  I once left some blue and white china pieces on a shelf and headed to the front of the store to get a shopping cart only to go back and find they were gone!  #1 rule – always get the cart from the get-go and #2 if for some reason you end up cartless, load your arms up with your treasure then go find a cart or box or something to put them in.  Anyways, I digress.   I got these lovelies for $1 for each cup/saucer set and $1 for each side plate.  🙂 Score!



A new non-stick grill basket.  We have one of these already, but after a year or two of being used on the grill, it begins to get a bit icky.  Now we have a new one.  $.75.  These lovely grill baskets are normally are at least $5-$7 in stores.


Three more rectangular/square vases to add to my collection.  $1 each.  I now have 4 of each size.  4 square ones and 4 slender rectangle ones.  I like to group them together.  When I see these again I must remember that I really don’t need another one, but they are do darn cute and useful.


And last, I know you have got to be wondering what else could I possibly have bought!  I few items for me…clothes!   Exercise capri pants by Champion still with the tags on them $2.50; a lovely pink cardigan by Ann Taylor $1; a nice light blue sweather by New York Company $1; a green print maternity shirt from Target $1; a FILA exercise sports bra/top $1.


There are two other items that I purchased – one I cannot tell you about because it is a gift for my sister, Susanna, for Christmas.  The other item is HUGE and I could not fit it in the car.  We are picking it up tomorrow with the trailer.  I will post pictures of that purchase tomorrow!  It is BEAUTIFUL!  🙂 

So sorry if this post was insanely long, but this week was a good week at the thrift stores and I was on a roll.  If you are not a thrift store shopper I highly recommend you try it out.  There is a TON of good stuff there.  Oh and yes, I did take my required box of donation items…in fact I took 3 boxes. 

Find any good thrifty treasures this week?  I would love for you to share your findings with me!