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Sushi Birthday Dinner September 29, 2011

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Last Friday was my birthday and we celebrated with a few of our good friends and ate some really, really, awesome sushi.  If in the local area and you like sushi, you MUST try Ichiban.  They are the BEST in town, trust me, we have tried them all.  We love our sushi and we are picky.  I always order the Volcano roll.  It is the best I have ever had.  The Florence roll, Rolls Royce roll, and Helen roll are also very very good.

It was a great night.  Thank you to Katie, Irma, Benji, Rudy, Tebra, Josie, Shane, and Pete for being a part of my birthday dinner.  Here are a few snapshots from the evening. 

Cason and I shared some sweet exchanges. Oh how that boy has my heart. 





Our friends, Irma and Benji joined us.  Cason has Irma’s heart too. 





Our buddy, Rudy, celebrated with us also.  He is new to the sushi scene and struggles every time with the chopsticks.  It is hard for an old dog to learn new tricks.  Surprised smile  LOL! 







My partner-in-crime in my home staging projects, Katie, also came to enjoy some sushi.  Cason is working on her heart. Winking smile


Two pictures of the happy husband and wife – one of our usual self-pics and one that Benji took for us.

019    021




Shot of a yummy plate of sushi.  This is “Sushi Cake” and a Snowcrab roll.  Yum Yum!







One tired little boy.  A few tears were shed after a minor incident with a chopstick.  Smile  Momma to the rescue. 





Good friends, Good food, Great night…I am blessed. 





This Warmed my Heart today July 8, 2011

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Did you watch the shuttle launch today?  I did!  Picture perfect launch and an historic event for the U.S.A..  I can’t believe the shuttle program is ending.  Would you go into space if you could?  I definitely would.  The ticket price for a ride to space is still a bit steep for me, but maybe within my lifetime everyday people can ride into space like we fly on airplanes today or on the movie 5th Element.  I certainly hope so. 


STS-135 Atlantis Launch


Ok, so the space shuttle event did not necessarily warm my heart, but this story did.


“6-year-old cancer patient gets a royal hug from Kate, Duchess of Cambridge”  I pray for little Diamond a miraculous recovery.

Click the link to read about her story and see pictures. 



What warmed your heart today?  Have a happy weekend!