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Seven Kids February 22, 2012

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Today I had to return a few items to a local store, Bargain Hunt, and when I entered the store and got in line, I encountered a Mom and her seven children ranging in age from less than 1 year old to maybe 12.  It was like a pack of kids.  Overall, I thought they were pretty well behaved, all things considered.  It was just before lunch time and I think the whole pack was hungry and more than ready to go, and of course there was a problem at the register.  In my past life (pre-mommy era) this type of scenario would have annoyed me and probably make me curse under my breath, but today, well today was different. 

As I began to scan the kids, 5 boys, 2 girls, and tried to best guess their ages, I began to think to myself, “Bless this woman.” I know I could not handle that situation as gracefully as she was trying to keep her composure.  The mom, above anyone else, wanted to get the heck out of that store and take her pack with her.  I tried my best to help entertain the little one in the stroller from a comfortable distance, but there was a lot going on and he was easily distracted.  The mom was trying her best to keep her kids corralled together and she was losing the battle.  At any rate, another register opened and I went about my day.  I am sure the mom was glad I was able to go to a different line and I was glad since I no longer had to stand there trying to not look uncomfortable.   The mom and her pack left and I assume got into a large vehicle of some type, probably a 15-passenger van or something similar. 


This could be their family bumper sticker on the van…

Family of Nine


So, what makes me want to write down this little story about the mom and her seven kids?  Well, so far Cason has been superb, all star baby and I know that at some point the streak will end.  I know that one day (probably sooner than later) Cason, or any other future children will inevitably have a meltdown or major tantrum in a store and I will be the frazzled mom trying desperately to look cool, calm, and collected, but really I just want to cry and run from the store with my kid(s) in tow…and I will want someone to be gracious with me and not be cruel or snippy or stare, etc.  Trust me, I will be wanting to crawl into a black hole when it occurs, so please be kind!  :-)  Today was an exercise of showing someone grace and sending out some karma vibes for when I need some good karma. 


And just in case you are curious, Pete and I have no plans to have seven children.  LOL! 


Y’all have a nice day!



30 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 28 November 29, 2010

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Today I am thankful for my little baby Peanut growing inside of me. I cannot wait until he is here, though I am nervous and a little intimidated at becoming a mother. Peanut has been kicking and jabbing me more and more in the past few weeks and for now it is a wonderful feeling being able to really feel him. Pete can feel the kicks too and it excites him everytime he feels a kick. 26 weeks down, approximately 14 more weeks to go. 🙂



30 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 19 November 23, 2010

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Today I am thankful for my Daddy. He is always willing to help when I need a hand or have a question. A few lessons he has passed on to me is to always take care of myself, to make wise choices, and to do what makes me happy. These lessons are not always followed and perhaps interpreted slightly differently than he intended, but overall I think I learned the lessons. I have a great relationship with my dad and am very blessed to have him in my life. I love you, Daddy.