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Our new Coffee Table August 15, 2011

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Happy Monday, Folks! 


I L-O-V-E our new coffee table.  It is a lot more kid friendly than our old one.  We needed a table that would be better for Cason to pull up on and walk around. Our old coffee table and end tables were hazardous to small children to say the least!   I wanted something softer and with storage.  Enter, our new leather storage ottoman.  Smile 





It has great storage space to hide all of our junk, in an organized fashion of course!





A boppy pillow, two blankets, basket of toys, ring toy, 15 magazines, two laptop desk pillow things, and a bumbo seat with table.  See, I told you it held a lot of stuff.





I love how both sides open up and the hinges are strong and you have to push down on the lids to make them close.  They do not slam back down.  Slamming lids would not work very well for my baby’s hands. 





I have a small basket on top to serve as a catch-all for a few of Cason’s toys, the remote, and drink coasters.  With both sides opening/closing, I doubt this ottoman becomes piled up with stuff, at least that is the hope.  I have the dining room table for my piles o’ stuff.  Smile  If you know me and have been to our house, you know what I am talking about.  The dining room table is my dumping spot. 





I found this wonderful coffee table/storage ottoman at T.J. Maxx last week.  The regular price tag was $400, but the T.J. Maxx price was $199.99.  While this price is more than I had intended to pay for a new coffee table, it serves our purpose so well and the leather is super easy to clean up when you have spills, slobber, and other baby stuff happening on it. 


Now, to sell the old coffee table and end tables on Craigslist.  Here is the link if you are interested in buying them.


And I am on the hunt for new end tables.  Darn, I have to visit more thrift stores now.  LOL!


Happy Monday,