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Bedroom Before/After July 3, 2011

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Hello!  Hello! 


We still have two days left of the long weekend!  Yea for 3-day weekends!


Is it just me or does it seem that I can normally get the house clean and tidy, except for one room…Our bedroom!  Ugh!  By leaving this room as the last one to get cleaned, it rarely gets cleaned and picked up.  Today I changed up the cleaning order!


Our bedroom just was not working for me anymore.  The bedspread was too heavy and fall-ish”…dark brown.  I was tired of looking at the same mantle stuff.  And of course there are clothes to put away.  So today I was determined to clean/update our bedroom.  I could have worked on other parts of the house – I have piles of “stuff” scattered all over the house, literally.  So after a few hours of picking up and updating the look, here are the before/afters of our bedroom. 


Before view from the bedroom door

I put anything that was on the floor onto the bed.





There is a chair under here, I promise. It is playing hide and go seek and I forgot to go seek.

The chair is so easy to pile stuff on.  I kid you not, I removed 1 bedspread, 1 down comforter, 3 pillows, my hospital bag from MARCH and a load of laundry out of this chair! 



Before view towards the bedroom door.

Anyone want/need a hospital gown?  I have one on my dresser.  Don’t ask.




Before look of the mantle

I love the painting, I am just tired of looking at it for now.  It was a great thrift store find a few years back.  $10! 

The “Listen to your Heart” sign is a favorite of mine.  It has been moved to the kitchen. 

The Love plaque is in my Valentine’s Day décor box. 

The kissing people may go in the yard sale. 

The 2 vases and plate on the left will be packed away for the time being.   





And the After pictures:

I spent $3 sprucing up the bedroom.  I bought the bedspread and two pillow shams earlier this week from Salvation Army.




I think the wrought iron piece is a little too high, but the hanging support was already there so I went with it. 

I have a weakness for buying colored glass, especially in blues, turquoises, and greens.





This bedroom set is the 1st set I bought for myself a few years back.  I am considering painting it white one day. 

Some thing needs to go above the bed.  Will work on that. And I would like new lamps, or at least new lamp shades. 






The tree covers up a hole in the plaster where we had plumbing repairs performed.  Patching it is on the to-do list, but we are waiting until we get ready to put the house on the market to make the repairs..






If we were going to live here for a few more years, a few updates I would make to this room mainly involve painting.  The ceiling and walls currently are a yellow color with a hint of green.  Depending on the lighting, the color can go more green looking, but it is not a pretty green in my opinion.  I would prefer (I think) a medium gray color for the walls that will really pop against the crown molding and trim.  Not sure what color I would paint the ceiling, but it definitely would be changed from the yellow ick color.


In the vanity area, I would remove the wall paper lickety-split.  I hate dislike the wall paper strongly.  Then I would paint, but I am not sure what color.  I would also replace the vanity top and sink vessels.  The current sinks are seashell scallop shaped…awesome!  LOL!  The mirror above the vanity is coming with me when we move.  I love it.  I want to paint the frame, but oh I love its curves.  Smile 


Ahhh, the bedroom is so refreshing now. I love how it turned out. Should make for peaceful rest tonight.

Have you made any updates to your bedroom lately?  Please share! I love before and afters! 


On the agenda for tomorrow?  Start on a terrarium and bake 2 cheesecakes.  Yum Yum! 


Good’n Tired for now.




30 Days of Giving Thanks – Day 5 November 6, 2010

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November is the perfect time to pause, count our blessings, and give thanks for the simple things in life.
If we pause to think, we will have cause to thank.
Every day in November I want to make sure I stop and remember all of the beautiful blessings I have in my life and give thanks. I hope you join me in giving thanks for the simple things in life during this month of thanksgiving.


Day 5: I am thankful today for the over abundance of “stuff” we have in our house. Even though this over abundance of stuff is a bit overwhelming at the moment, it does mean that we are very blessed and not doing without. I am trying to organize, downsize, sort, and go through all of our stuff and it seems like an endless task. Pete reminded me at one point of this actually being a blessing and he is right. Goes along with the notion of having dirty dishes to clean or laundry to wash/fold for it means you have eaten a home-cooked meal and have clothes to wear. 🙂 Just gotta keep the right perspective when I feel overwhelmed by all of our stuff. I am sure many of you can relate to my over abundance of stuff blessing.




P.S. I got carried away cleaning/organizing yesterday, went out to eat for dinner, and came home and went to bed, hence no post yesterday!


What’s in your Medicine Chest/Cabinet/Closet? October 28, 2010

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Howdy People!

Hope everyone has had a terrific Thursday and is ready for the upcoming weekend! I know I am.  TGIF (a few hours early)!  I mentioned yesterday in my first blog that I have some OCD tendencies when it comes to organization and I thought I would share my latest organization project with you.  I apologize upfront for not having a before picture, but when I decided to start this closet clean-up I was not thinking that I would write about this organization project for a blog.  So I only have after pictures, but I bet you can get an idea of what the before may have looked like.   A hot mess of medicine/personal hygiene products!

So, I started off by asking Pete to help me clear the closet out and just scrape everything off into boxes.  He obliged knowing I would handle the rest.  I ended up with 3 large boxes of various medicinal items, cologne, lotions, ointments, and a lot of miscellaneous items that never should have been in this closet to begin with.  And yes, we do have a medicine CLOSET…not just a cabinet.  We are ready for almost any type of illness, cut, wound, runny nose, foot fungus (I know, ewww!), sore throat, cough….you name it we are ready.  Oh and I forgot to mention vitamins.  We have a plethora of those.   I tossed away anything old/outdated (we had stuff from 2002 in here OMG!), sorted the items into like groups, and determined baskets would be the most helpful organizational tool for this project. 

Pete and I suffer from the common ailment of needing something, knowing we have it “somewhere”, but can’t find what we are looking for when we need it….therefore we buy more.  Whew, that is a long-named ailment.   This ailment is how we ended up with 4 bags of cough drops, 5 boxes of Band-Aids, various milligrams of ibuprofen, and so on.  You get the idea.  Well, now we know what we have in terms of first aid, cold/flu/sinus, and so on so hopefully we won’t have to make a mad dash to Walgreen’s anytime soon!   The ironic (and fortunate) thing is that Pete and I are RARELY sick, but when we do get sick, we are ready to fight back with a vengence!

So, now it is time for pictures.  First a look at the whole closet…I love green and could not resist these baskets from the Dollar Tree. At $1 a basket, the small price of $12 has cured our ailment! WOO HOO! 

Medicine Closet - Overview

Now for a close-up of the baskets. 

Medicine Closet - Baskets Close-Up

You can see I made labels for each basket.  I L-O-V-E my “Handy-Dandy” Label Maker.  Pete laughs when I call it that, but it is very near and dear to my heart.  🙂  Categories include (since you can’t read them very well in my pictures):  

  • Foot Care/Antacids
  • Cold/Sinus/Flu (2 of these)
  • Vitamins (2) of these
  • Cologne (yes, Pete, has an entire basket full of cologne, yet he normally wears the same kind every day)
  • First Aid
  • Antiseptic/Ointment
  • Pain Relief
  • Body Lotion
  • Shaving Cream/Hair Gel
  • and Eyes/Teeth/Nails

Whew, we have a ton of personal hygiene and medicine products! 

So, what is in your medicine chest, cabinet, or closet?  Is yours organized?  Are you battle ready to fight the war against sickness and ready to perform triage in your home?  LOL!  🙂  I can only imagine how our medicine closet will grow when Baby Peanut gets here!  Oh goodness, I will need more baskets!

Cheers everyone…til tomorrow!