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Yoga and Walking June 29, 2011

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Hello People! 


It is Wednesday, Hump Day!  2 days until a 3-day weekend!  Got any exciting 4th of July plans?


So I had my first in a long time yoga class today.  It went well all things considered.  There are certain stretches and positions that my body is just either not willing or able (or both!) to do.  At times I felt awkward, others not so graceful, and then in the next moment I felt relaxed and peaceful.  The instructor at Shoals Yoga, Danielle, kept reminding us to be aware of our breath and to remember our intention we had decided for the session.  The intention is giving the session a sense of purpose and something for you to concentrate on as you are breathing deeply and stretching and bending all around.  My intention for the session was:




My mind often flits and floats all over the place and roping it back in to focus on the present moment is hard sometimes.  I think focus may be my intention for the next few yoga classes.  I had to remind myself several times to FOCUS.  I have four sessions left before I decide how often I want to continue with the classes.  I also have to give myself a little slack considering this was basically my first time and I just had a baby 4 months ago so I am definitely not in my most graceful body at the present time.  So if you are in the Florence, AL area, I encourage you to check out Shoals Yoga.  Everyone is odd their first time at anything…just try it!  I liked the tree pose best, it was one I was better at holding! LOL!



I walked again today.  My friend Katie joined me at Deibert Park and we strolled for about an hour and a half.  We did 3 loops on the outside path which is 1.25 miles per loop.  Woo Hoo!  3.75 miles tonight!  I am in need of a band-aid on my right heel, but all is good.  Smile  There were lots of people walking and whew there is a hill that is tough, especially on the 3rd lap! Here are two pictures from the park.  Thanks Katie for joining me on the walk and for the blueberries.  They are yummy!


Deibert Park    Deibert Park 2



Have you been watching The Voice on TV?  Yea!  Javier Colon won!  He was my favorite though I did like the other contestants a lot as well.  His rendition of “Angel” by Sara McLachlan was AMAZING.  Listen to it here:  Javier Colon – "Angel"


Well my kitchen is in desperate need of a 15 minute clean-up, the garbage and recycling need to be taken out, and I am in serious need of a bath!   Til later!