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Pinterest Project…This One is Taking Longer Than Expected May 9, 2013

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Ahh, Pinterest!  The inspiration is endless and creativity abounds and I L-O-V-E it!  Are you on Pinterest?  Do you know what Pinterest is?  OML it is amazing!  (BTW, I am over OMG so I updated to OML)  This post is not meant to explain Pinterest and all of its pinning wonderfulness.  So, back to topic…My Pinterest-inspired Project that is taking a wee bit longer than expected to fully implement. 


So here is a snapshot of my inspirational pins for my ABC wall art project…


Pinterest Board: Pretty Projects



:-)  Those cute ABCs just make me smile.  There are probably a few more pins of ABC wall art examples on some other Boards that I have, but you get the idea. If you want to click through any of those pins, click the image above to go to the Pinterest board:  Pretty Projects


I pinned all of these over 1 year ago and have been working on this project ever since. I am sure many of you might be saying “Geez, take long to finish a project, Iris?”  and I agree this one is taking longer than even I expected, but I did add a layer of complexity to this project and thus it is taking longer.  My challenge to myself was that the letters had to come from 2nd hand sources such as thrift stores, yard/garage sales, consignment store,or off the side of the road, or of the like.  I challenge myself on an everyday basis to not shop retail when possible and this especially applies to creative projects. 


With a project like this, sure it would be easy to go to Hobby Lobby or Joann’s or wherever to purchase my letters of various fonts, sizes, and materials, but it makes it too easy, at least for me.  I want this project to be organic in nature in that by it taking a longer time to acquire the letters and them coming from different sources, they will naturally be different.  So after a year or so of collecting <hoarding> letters, here is how my ABC wall art is coming along.


Angle from A Side





Angle from Z Side



Yes, I have duplicates of many letters.  I like to keep spares for various gift giving opportunities, plus I have other letter-inspired projects in my head swirling around.  ;-)  Not to mention my hoarding issues. I wrote about those issues in my Confessional List.  It is LOL funny.  If you happen to want one of my duplicate letters, let me know.  I am sure we can work out a deal. 


I am still on the hunt for a few letters.  Did you happen to catch which ones are missing?  Funny or ironic to me is that 2 of the 4 letters that I ‘need’ for this project happen to be 2 of my former 3 initials before I got married. 


At minimum I need a , and .  

The ‘T’ I have is too itty-bitty for ‘the look’ I am trying to achieve.


I also think my two letter ‘D’s are kinda wimpy so I would like a more substantial



For the letters that need a little color pop or pattern or texture added, I think that is a great way for Cason and I to spend some time together…Craft time with decorating letters.  Yea!  :-) 


I have the wall space picked out of where I want to install the ABC wall art.  I have opted to take a slightly different approach on attaching the letters to the wall than most of the other projects I have seen.  I want this to be easily portable and moveable so I have a plan up my sleeve and I have already twisted Pete’s arm into helping me.  There will be more to come on this Pinterest-inspired Project in the coming weeks. 


Do you have a project that is taking FOREVER?!?!?  Do tell!  Got a J, V, T, or D you want to donate to my project?  Donations are perfectly acceptable according to the rules that I make up as I go along.   :-) 


Stay tuned,


P.S.  Source for J, V, D, and T.


Embroidery Hoop Décor August 1, 2011

I am so excited to finally be able to share this craft project that has been a long time in the making. 




Last fall I came across about 18 various sized embroidery hoops at Habitat Re-Store.  I did not know at the time what I was going to do with them, but knew someday I would use them.  I came home and did a few Google image searches for embroidery hoop crafts and the idea was born!  I wanted to use these hoops in Cason’s (at the time he was called Peanut) room.  Back in February, while tooling around the Blue Door Thrift Store and 9 months pregnant, I came across about 17 more hoops. I did a hoop swoop (could not help myself LOL) and grabbed them before anyone else could get them. Smile All said, I paid a total of $15 for 35 hoops, ranging in size from 3 inch – 14 inch. I wish I would have taken a picture of my huge hoop collection. Many people that came over to our house during that time would ask “what on earth are you going to do with all of those hoops???”.


I at first tried to find fabric and material that I liked at thrift stores and the remnants section of fabric stores, but was not finding exactly what I was looking for.  Prior to finding the hoops, I had purchased a quilt kit at Joann’s fabrics that I absolutely loved.  It is the Modern Collection Quilt Kit in Whimsical Dots Blue.  The regular price was $35.99 and I had a 50% coupon.  I found one on eBay today if you want to buy your own, I have no idea if Joann’s still has them in-stock.  The fabrics were all dot inspired, which went along with my theme for the baby’s room.  I was going to try my best to make a quilt for my baby boy.  LOL!  This was a huge feat considering I am a newbie seamstress.  So, after searching for various fabrics for my hoops, I decided to scrap the quilt idea and use the fabrics from the kit in my hoops.  It worked perfectly!


Here is the Quilt Kit picture:


There are many tutorials on how to put the fabric in the embroidery hoops.  I reviewed a few and in the end I cut many corners.  I popped the fabric in place, stretched the fabric as I tightened the hoops and then cut off the excess with scissors.  Most tutorials say to hot glue the fabric to the inner rim, but I was lazy and did not do that step.  Hopefully my fabric stays put.  I will let you know if any come loose. 

Over several weeks I worked on putting the fabric in place, and then this project came to a standstill.  I gave birth and any crafty projects were on the back burner.  Since Cason’s birth, I have slowly but surely trimmed the fabric and got them ready to be put on the wall.  Pete provided me with some very handy plastic shims to hang on the wall with the awesome 3m photo hanger tabs.  I will post in more detail about how I attached them to the wall later…

So last night, I finally got my tail up on the ladder and started randomly hanging the hoops.  I will more than likely tweak the layout of the hoops over time. It was hard to get on/off the ladder, try to place them, not have the same pattern next to or close to another hoop, etc.  Overall I LOVE it and more importantly, Cason cooed and gooed over them last night and this morning.  They hang right above his crib on the wall.  Way to go Mommy! 


Here are several more shots of my took-me-forever-to-complete craft project. 















Well, what do you think?  Did I mention that I LOVE it!  Every time I walk down the hall, I sneak a peak again and SMILE!  I love how it turned out!  Smile