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Bedroom Before/After July 3, 2011

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Hello!  Hello! 


We still have two days left of the long weekend!  Yea for 3-day weekends!


Is it just me or does it seem that I can normally get the house clean and tidy, except for one room…Our bedroom!  Ugh!  By leaving this room as the last one to get cleaned, it rarely gets cleaned and picked up.  Today I changed up the cleaning order!


Our bedroom just was not working for me anymore.  The bedspread was too heavy and fall-ish”…dark brown.  I was tired of looking at the same mantle stuff.  And of course there are clothes to put away.  So today I was determined to clean/update our bedroom.  I could have worked on other parts of the house – I have piles of “stuff” scattered all over the house, literally.  So after a few hours of picking up and updating the look, here are the before/afters of our bedroom. 


Before view from the bedroom door

I put anything that was on the floor onto the bed.





There is a chair under here, I promise. It is playing hide and go seek and I forgot to go seek.

The chair is so easy to pile stuff on.  I kid you not, I removed 1 bedspread, 1 down comforter, 3 pillows, my hospital bag from MARCH and a load of laundry out of this chair! 



Before view towards the bedroom door.

Anyone want/need a hospital gown?  I have one on my dresser.  Don’t ask.




Before look of the mantle

I love the painting, I am just tired of looking at it for now.  It was a great thrift store find a few years back.  $10! 

The “Listen to your Heart” sign is a favorite of mine.  It has been moved to the kitchen. 

The Love plaque is in my Valentine’s Day décor box. 

The kissing people may go in the yard sale. 

The 2 vases and plate on the left will be packed away for the time being.   





And the After pictures:

I spent $3 sprucing up the bedroom.  I bought the bedspread and two pillow shams earlier this week from Salvation Army.




I think the wrought iron piece is a little too high, but the hanging support was already there so I went with it. 

I have a weakness for buying colored glass, especially in blues, turquoises, and greens.





This bedroom set is the 1st set I bought for myself a few years back.  I am considering painting it white one day. 

Some thing needs to go above the bed.  Will work on that. And I would like new lamps, or at least new lamp shades. 






The tree covers up a hole in the plaster where we had plumbing repairs performed.  Patching it is on the to-do list, but we are waiting until we get ready to put the house on the market to make the repairs..






If we were going to live here for a few more years, a few updates I would make to this room mainly involve painting.  The ceiling and walls currently are a yellow color with a hint of green.  Depending on the lighting, the color can go more green looking, but it is not a pretty green in my opinion.  I would prefer (I think) a medium gray color for the walls that will really pop against the crown molding and trim.  Not sure what color I would paint the ceiling, but it definitely would be changed from the yellow ick color.


In the vanity area, I would remove the wall paper lickety-split.  I hate dislike the wall paper strongly.  Then I would paint, but I am not sure what color.  I would also replace the vanity top and sink vessels.  The current sinks are seashell scallop shaped…awesome!  LOL!  The mirror above the vanity is coming with me when we move.  I love it.  I want to paint the frame, but oh I love its curves.  Smile 


Ahhh, the bedroom is so refreshing now. I love how it turned out. Should make for peaceful rest tonight.

Have you made any updates to your bedroom lately?  Please share! I love before and afters! 


On the agenda for tomorrow?  Start on a terrarium and bake 2 cheesecakes.  Yum Yum! 


Good’n Tired for now.




Office Painting – Before & After November 16, 2010

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Hello Everyone!

I am in the process of moving my office to a different room in our house. My current office will soon be turned into the nursery for our baby boy who will be arriving sometime in early March. The room that will become my office is in the front part of our house and used to be a sitting room/parlor room. It was basically a room that we did not use, just a place to keep some furniture. We cleared out the furniture and I set out to paint the walls. My soon-to-be office is situated between the dining room and living room and is open to booth of these rooms so I need a color that would somewhat go with the other two rooms. The dining room is a deep olive green color and the living room is a warm sandy color.

Here is the sitting room before photo:

I was leaning toward a blue color, but was not sure how dark I wanted to go. I originally wanted to go with a Peacock Blue, but I also love lighter blues with a bit of pizzazz (not pastel). I also LOVE green.

Here are my color samples I picked from:

From left to right, the colors are the following: Indigo Cloth (4009-7), Hotel St. Francis Spirit Blue (5010-10), Crystal Sea (5004-7B), Surf Spray (5002-7B), and Organic Garden (6005-6B).

All of the color samples are Valspar paint purchased from Lowe’s. The samples only come in a Satin finish. I went with an Eggshell finish when I purchased my gallon of paint.

The taping of the trim took the longest since I was trying really hard to avoid having to paint the trim. My major concern with the trim was since this room is connected to the other two rooms that if I painted this trim in my office it would be very obvious in the other rooms. So the blue tape and I bonded. 🙂

Here is a shot of the taping/primer action. I used a water-based latex primer and I am very glad I opted to give the walls a good coating of primer.

And now for the big reveal! Which color do you think I picked??? Which one would you have picked?

I went with….drumroll please…..

CRYSTAL SEA is the winner!

A few more pics for you of the end result.  Please note, I have since taken off the blue tape, but I had to wait for Pete to get home so he could get up on the big ladder.  🙂

And I have to again say a huge THANK YOU to my Momma for her help. I was forbidden from getting on the big ladder until she was there and I could not have gotten all the painting done in one afternoon without her help. She was a life saver and it was an enjoyable afternoon painting with my Mom. 🙂


So, readers, what do you think of the new office color? There was nothing wrong with the original warm sandy color, I just wanted a color with a bit more pep in it. I work in my home office for 40+ hours per week and I needed it to have some energy in it! I love it and Pete is happy with the end result (mainly because I am thrilled with it and the fact that I did not get paint on the floor, no major calamities, etc).

What have you painted lately? The next painting project for me is the nursery and you just may see that lovely Organic Green color in there. 🙂