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Since the 22nd October 4, 2011

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I hope each of you had a great weekend; ours was splendid.  There was one minor rant while in Target over white shirts, but that issue is for another blog post.  Other than that, the weekend was superb.  The weather has become more fall-like, with crisp mornings, beautiful blue skies, and sunshine.  The sunsets have been gorgeous.  Purples morphing into warm yellows and orange sunsets. We caught one going over the Tennessee River that was lovely. 


Anyways, I want to get better at uploading pictures and keeping you all informed on what we are working on and how Cason is growing and being such a joy.  The following are pictures and videos on what the Williams family has been up to since Sept 22nd.  You have already seen some pictures from my birthday dinner on a previous post (here).  All of these pictures and videos were taken on my new phone, a Samsung Fascinate.  Pete bought me an awesome camera for my birthday and it takes AMAZING pictures!  I have many more to share, but I have not uploaded and edited those yet. 


Ok, ok, on to the pictures. 



Cason is now able to sit up on his own, unsupported in the past two weeks.  He can go for long periods of time balancing on his own.  These pictures were taken on 9/22/2011.





My friend, Katie, and I have been taking down wall-paper in the kitchen.  I found some great glass mosaic tile on clearance at Lowe’s and will be doing the backsplash around the sink, stovetop, and two other countertop sections in the kitchen.  Here is the tile…$2.24 per sheet on clearance from $9.89 originally!  SCORE!





I am undecided on paint color for the remaining sections of wall space.  Here are my samples so far.  I am keeping the cabinets and trim color the same and am trying to avoid painting them if at all possible.  What are your thoughts?







Cason is not crawling yet, but I think he is at least moving in that direction.  Here is a video on his progress.  This video was taken on the morning of 9/22/2011, right after Cason had his first morning bottle. He is very playful in the mornings. 



Morning Crawl





We had signed Cason up for Swim Lessons at our local YMCA, but have not been able to start the class yet, due to not enough people signing up.  We were already at the Y this last time when we discovered the cancellation.  We had our suits, were ready to go, so we played in the pool for almost an hour.  Cason LOVED it and was not scared of the water in the least bit.  I think Pete had just as much fun as Cason did.  Here is a video and pics to view, taken 10-1-2011.  Smile 







We have transitioned Cason to a high-chair now for most of his feedings.  He does really well in it and does not fight going in it, at least for now.  He is very excited about eating and gets very animated.  Here is a video to illustrate.  We think he could be the next E-Trade baby.  Smile   This video was taken in the morning on 10-3-2011.  The high chair is a “Duo-Diner” by Graco. So far I am pleased with it.






We have been giving Cason his bath primarily in the kitchen sink using a plastic folding tub.  It has worked great.  With Cason being able to sit on his own now, we will be transitioning him to the “big boy” tub.  I have non-slip liners ready to go.  Here are a few bath pictures and one last video, taken 10-3-2011. 







Cason is 7 months old today, 10-3-2011!  Holy Lord the time is flying by!  His 1st birthday will be here if I blink! Today he was feeling mellow in his green outfit, hand-picked by Mommy. 






Whew, that was a lot of pictures and videos!  Hope I did not overwhelm you, but I have discovered I need to blog when the mood hits me and on some days it will be a dumping of photos and stuff to get y’all wonderful friends and family caught up on how we are doing.  Many of you heard about Pete’s ear infection and subsequent eardrum rupturing.  He is feeling a lot better and is on the mend. 


So we are surviving, happy as clams, and looking forward to some family time this upcoming weekend.  Yea! 






Sushi Birthday Dinner September 29, 2011

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Last Friday was my birthday and we celebrated with a few of our good friends and ate some really, really, awesome sushi.  If in the local area and you like sushi, you MUST try Ichiban.  They are the BEST in town, trust me, we have tried them all.  We love our sushi and we are picky.  I always order the Volcano roll.  It is the best I have ever had.  The Florence roll, Rolls Royce roll, and Helen roll are also very very good.

It was a great night.  Thank you to Katie, Irma, Benji, Rudy, Tebra, Josie, Shane, and Pete for being a part of my birthday dinner.  Here are a few snapshots from the evening. 

Cason and I shared some sweet exchanges. Oh how that boy has my heart. 





Our friends, Irma and Benji joined us.  Cason has Irma’s heart too. 





Our buddy, Rudy, celebrated with us also.  He is new to the sushi scene and struggles every time with the chopsticks.  It is hard for an old dog to learn new tricks.  Surprised smile  LOL! 







My partner-in-crime in my home staging projects, Katie, also came to enjoy some sushi.  Cason is working on her heart. Winking smile


Two pictures of the happy husband and wife – one of our usual self-pics and one that Benji took for us.

019    021




Shot of a yummy plate of sushi.  This is “Sushi Cake” and a Snowcrab roll.  Yum Yum!







One tired little boy.  A few tears were shed after a minor incident with a chopstick.  Smile  Momma to the rescue. 





Good friends, Good food, Great night…I am blessed. 





I am 5 Months Old Today! August 3, 2011

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Hi!  I am Cason and I am taking a turn writing on Mommy’s blog today.  I am 5 months old today!  I have recently learned to roll over, though I don’t do it every time.  I am filling out and getting heavy.  I weigh around 15 pounds!  I love to play in my walker toys and love to grab Mommy and Daddy’s noses and brush their cheeks with my hands while I am starting to drift to sleep.  I have started eating rice cereal with some pears, but it is not that great tasting, but Mommy tries to feed it to me every day.  I love my changing table, I have a great view of my room and the cool crafty circles my Mommy hung up on the wall.  My favorite activity is gumming on anything – toys, my fingers, the burp cloth, Mommy’s hands, anything I can get in my mouth I am going for it!  Oh, and I love to laugh.  Daddy is especially funny. 


Mommy took a few pictures of me this morning before I headed off to daycare.  I can make lots of expressions! 






















Can’t wait to play with you! 


cason Signature


Embroidery Hoop Décor August 1, 2011

I am so excited to finally be able to share this craft project that has been a long time in the making. 




Last fall I came across about 18 various sized embroidery hoops at Habitat Re-Store.  I did not know at the time what I was going to do with them, but knew someday I would use them.  I came home and did a few Google image searches for embroidery hoop crafts and the idea was born!  I wanted to use these hoops in Cason’s (at the time he was called Peanut) room.  Back in February, while tooling around the Blue Door Thrift Store and 9 months pregnant, I came across about 17 more hoops. I did a hoop swoop (could not help myself LOL) and grabbed them before anyone else could get them. Smile All said, I paid a total of $15 for 35 hoops, ranging in size from 3 inch – 14 inch. I wish I would have taken a picture of my huge hoop collection. Many people that came over to our house during that time would ask “what on earth are you going to do with all of those hoops???”.


I at first tried to find fabric and material that I liked at thrift stores and the remnants section of fabric stores, but was not finding exactly what I was looking for.  Prior to finding the hoops, I had purchased a quilt kit at Joann’s fabrics that I absolutely loved.  It is the Modern Collection Quilt Kit in Whimsical Dots Blue.  The regular price was $35.99 and I had a 50% coupon.  I found one on eBay today if you want to buy your own, I have no idea if Joann’s still has them in-stock.  The fabrics were all dot inspired, which went along with my theme for the baby’s room.  I was going to try my best to make a quilt for my baby boy.  LOL!  This was a huge feat considering I am a newbie seamstress.  So, after searching for various fabrics for my hoops, I decided to scrap the quilt idea and use the fabrics from the kit in my hoops.  It worked perfectly!


Here is the Quilt Kit picture:


There are many tutorials on how to put the fabric in the embroidery hoops.  I reviewed a few and in the end I cut many corners.  I popped the fabric in place, stretched the fabric as I tightened the hoops and then cut off the excess with scissors.  Most tutorials say to hot glue the fabric to the inner rim, but I was lazy and did not do that step.  Hopefully my fabric stays put.  I will let you know if any come loose. 

Over several weeks I worked on putting the fabric in place, and then this project came to a standstill.  I gave birth and any crafty projects were on the back burner.  Since Cason’s birth, I have slowly but surely trimmed the fabric and got them ready to be put on the wall.  Pete provided me with some very handy plastic shims to hang on the wall with the awesome 3m photo hanger tabs.  I will post in more detail about how I attached them to the wall later…

So last night, I finally got my tail up on the ladder and started randomly hanging the hoops.  I will more than likely tweak the layout of the hoops over time. It was hard to get on/off the ladder, try to place them, not have the same pattern next to or close to another hoop, etc.  Overall I LOVE it and more importantly, Cason cooed and gooed over them last night and this morning.  They hang right above his crib on the wall.  Way to go Mommy! 


Here are several more shots of my took-me-forever-to-complete craft project. 















Well, what do you think?  Did I mention that I LOVE it!  Every time I walk down the hall, I sneak a peak again and SMILE!  I love how it turned out!  Smile 






4th of July July 7, 2011

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I am late posting our 4th of July pictures. Sorry!   I started getting sick on the 4th and have been battling the flu and fever ever since.  I am sweating right now as I type trying to break this fever.  Ugh!  Cason was a bit under the weather as well, but seems to be on the mend.  So, here are some of our 4th of July pictures.  We went to Pete’s family lake house on Pickwick Lake, TN. 


First, some pictures of our adorable little boy, Cason.  It is hard to believe he is 4 months old!



I gathered up my 4th of July decorations and decorated the table.  I forgot to put all of the decorations I had brought on the table.  Ooops!  There is always next year! 


017     018


The mayflies were hatching!  They were everywhere and covered everything!  They do not eat, they do not bite, they only mate and then they die.  What a life!  LOL!  This is my father-in-law, Bill, covered in mayflies. 




Here is a self-photo of Pete and I with the lake in the background.  Pickwick Dam is just behind us. 




A day at the lake is not complete unless a nap is taken.  Cason and Granddaddy took a siesta during a storm that came up.





Here are some more pictures of Cason.  After the storm blew over and the temperature cooled off, we took Cason outside on the deck.  He is such a happy baby. 



We went home before the big fireworks took place.  We did a few sparklers once we got home and Cason was not all that impressed.  I think he will like them more next year.  





I hope your 4th of July was filled with fun!  Happy Thursday!




Back in the Saddle! June 28, 2011

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Hello Everyone!

I decided to resume blogging after taking a 6-month leave of absence!  I am excited to be back into blogging again and have lots of posts I want to write.  You may be asking what I have been up to the past few months.  One word:  BABY!   Our baby boy, Cason, was born in March and he is such a blessing to me and Pete.  We have been getting the hang of life with an infant and are enjoying each day.  It is hard to believe Cason will be 4 months in a few days!  Here is one picture of Cason for your viewing pleasure.  I will do one post all about Cason later.   As if you couldn’t tell, this baby brings a smile to our face every day from the moment he wakes up in the morning.

So a few things that are going on with life right now.

  • I started back to work part-time about a month ago and so far it is going really well.  It is very busy and I am writing lots of proposals, which is always a good thing.
  • Cason started day-care last week.  So far so good.  The little ladies that watch over the babies are all very sweet and Cason seems to be adjusting just fine.  I will admit it is nice to have some hours to work, run errands, and get other stuff done without having to worry about Cason.
  • I am starting yoga classes tomorrow.  🙂  I have been to a few classes over the years, but this time I want to stick with it.  I had looked up the yoga studio that is 3 blocks from our house on Sunday.  I was muddling over the pricing and was hesitant to get started.  On Monday I saw on Facebook a link to a Yoga special on Tennessee Valley Deals website.  5 yoga classes for $20 – SIGN ME UP!  Woo Hoo.  That is one of life’s little signs that says “Yes, You should do this!”
  • I walked 3 miles tonight.  12 laps around the track in 1 hour and 12 minutes while pushing Cason in the stroller.  My pace may have been slower, but at least I started.  More walking tomorrow, I might even jog!
  • I am thinking about participating in the Susan G. Komen 3-day walk in October.  Some of my co-workers have formed a team and have asked me to join. 60 miles over 3 days is a lot and only 16 weeks to train for it.  Hmmmm, undecided for now on this one, but will think about it some more.  That is a lot of walking!
  • I heard a quote tonight that I really liked from LaRhonda on Extreme Makeover – Weight Loss Edition TV show.  This show is my Biggest Loser substitute for the summer.  LaRhonda looked amazing after her one year transformation!  You go girl!

“I don’t want to be destination happy.  I want to be journey happy.” 

Ok, so enough writing for my first post back.  More to come soon, maybe even tomorrow.  🙂