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Planter – Before & After August 15, 2011

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I picked up this little planter a few weeks back at the Salvation Army for a quarter.  It was in sad shape, a little dirty and dingy.  Would you have picked it up?  I liked the details of it and knew with some spray paint magic it would perk up. 


005      006


I chose Sunshine Yellow spray paint by Krylon in gloss finish.  I wanted a pop of color for my desk and knew this sunny yellow would do the trick.  I washed away the dirt first and then started spray painting it.  After a few coats of spray paint (I did not use primer on this piece), I added a cactus plant with some pea gravel and VIOLA, so much better! 




Here are shots from overhead and from a different angle. 


026   027


This peppy planter sits with 3 other plants on my desk.  Here are a few pictures of my other plants on my desk. 




In case you want to know the names of each plant, in clockwise order starting with the turquoise planter…

Mother-In-Law‘s Tongue or Snake Plant (Sansevieria trifasciata), Buddha’s Hand (also called by many other names – Hooded Dwarf, or Hawaiian Hearts Elephant Ear, Chinese Taro, or Alocasia cucullata), a type of Barrell Cactus, and ???.  I do not know the type of cactus in the yellow planter.  Sorry!  Sad smile









My that planter looks so much better!  Here is a side-by-side comparison. 


005   034




Definitely worth the $.25 I paid for it.  I had all the other supplies on hand.  I like the added pop of color to my desk.  Do you decorate with plants?  I have them all over the house, 9 in my office alone! 




Spray Paint Stockpile July 31, 2011

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Pete and I went a little loco in the spray paint aisle today.  K-Mart had a sale this week on Krylon spray paint.  It was on clearance for $1.99 – $2.49 per can.  We got several looks from people as we pushed our cart to the front that was literally overflowing with spray paint cans.  Cason was oblivious to his parents’ insanity that was taking place.  We now have a spray paint stockpile. Woo Hoo!  It is safe to say we have every color of the rainbow and more!  I walked out of K-Mart with a big silly grin on my face. Yes, I know that sounds odd, but spray paint makes me giddy, and not from the fumes…LOL!


Here is a list of our inventory on-hand of spray paint:

  • Watermelon (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Ballet Slipper Pink (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Purple (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Ivy Leaf (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Hosta Leaf (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Khaki (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Leather Brown (gloss) – 1 can
  • Caramel Latte (satin) – 1 can
  • Banner Red (gloss) – 2 cans
  • Sun Yellow (gloss) – 3 cans
  • Pumpkin Orange (gloss) – 2 cans
  • True Blue (gloss) – 1 can
  • White (semi-gloss) – 1 can
  • White (primer) – 3 cans
  • Black (primer) – 3 cans
  • Black (gloss) – 3 cans
  • Black (satin) – 2 cans
  • Black (outdoor enamel) – 6 cans (we have some outside wrought iron chairs we want to touch-up)
  • Clear (gloss) – 1 can
  • Clear (satin) – 2 cans
  • Clear Polyurethane (gloss) – 1 can
  • Nickel (satin) – 2 cans
  • Bright Silver (gloss) – 1 can
  • Chrome (gloss) – 1 can
  • Gray (primer) – 1 can
  • Classic Gray (gloss) – 1 can

50 cans of spray paint!!! 


Ok, we went more than a little loco.  I had to finally just say “NO!” to my addiction and walk-away.  And in case you are wondering, there was some cans left on the shelves for others to take.  I did not take them all!  Excessive yes, but it is a great price on something I know both Pete and I will use for many projects for several months/years to come. 


So if you need spray paint, go to K-Mart today…I think the sale ends tonight.  Sorry for the short notice…I saw the ad paper last night. 


Off to organize my spray paint now!  Smile 


Happy Sunday!