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Meditation Day 1 – Roadrunner May 27, 2016

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Meditation Day 1, May 27th, 2016


I’ve dreaded, put off, procrastinated doing the 40-day meditation that is part of my requirement to complete my 200-hour Yoga Teacher Training certification.  Why?  The truth….I was scared to sit with myself, my thoughts, that inner voice.  Scared of the tears I felt would come gushing down my face.  Scared.  Well Meditation Day 1 is over and you know what?  I survived.  I am still breathing, deeper in fact, and it was ok.  I actually liked it.  Yes I cried, not like a fire hydrant gush, but tears flowed, but they were tears coming from joy and a grateful heart for the vision of a future moment in time, one that is coming and will happen. 


I have started waking up earlier and earlier in the mornings, 5:15am-ish…yea EARLY for this chick.  But I was going with it, just get up, start the day.  I began to walk with my coffee around my yard, my little slice of Eden.  Admiring the flowers, listening to the birds, listening to the world wake up.  People evidently are already on the river at 6am in these parts, squeals of delight from those skiing or knee-boarding could be heard.  I grabbed 4 prayer flags on my way out, not my usual number of prayer flags, but today I grabbed 4.  I decided to sit with the prayer flags during my prayers and time of meditation, to instill my prayers a little longer in them. I didn’t color coordinate on purpose, but matching prayer flags and prayer shawl for the win.  More about Prayer Flags in a later post.


2016-05-27 08.42.23


I settled into the grass, took my sandals off, in my pajamas and sat facing east, toward the rising sun, the place where all things begin and closed my eyes.  I allowed the mind to quiet, I reminded myself to make my breath louder so I could hear it better, to be able to better focus and center, ground myself.  After a few breaths the calm comes, the light got lighter in my closed eyes, I knew Spirit was close, the air, the energy and had shifted.  Learning to sit with the quiet, to know you are safe in this sacred moment, to not feel fear, but awe of the beauty, the presence around.  Learning how to feel Spirit again…to be able to sit in the light, to feel the light emanating from me. 


I had visions of a time in Cozumel, Mexico, a snapshot of a group of people underwater scuba diving, my friend Rodrigo was there to take the picture.  A vision of myself sitting at the end of the dock, at sunset, thankful for the day I had just experienced.   One more reminder and affirmation from Creator that my dream of a Scuba + Yoga adventure is within my reach.  It will happen. The joy my heart felt, the smile that came across my face, and the tears, huge tears of joyful anticipation of this time.  Thank you for this vision, this dream in my heart. 


The night before I had read the book “Harold and the Purple Crayon” to my son. The little boy creates his own world, whatever he likes with his purple crayon. The world is his canvas and he holds the crayon. The squiggles that inevitable come to my eyes at times this time felt more purposeful like a shape was being drawn over and over for me to see the image, but in a stick figure, crayon type of drawing. The image of a Roadrunner was being drawn, no doubt about it. Creator reminded me that the world too is my canvas and I have the crayons, every color under the sun, to draw, dream and create the world I want. Exactly what I would tell my son, Creator was telling me, reminding me of this in my meditation.


Why a roadrunner though?  Of course my question after meditation and always grateful for Google to lead me to the answers. 




From Native American and Mayan traditions roadrunners are notable for their speed (they can run faster than a human), bravery (they kill and eat rattlesnakes) and endurance.  Roadrunner represents quick thinking, being able to shift dimensions easily, and being able to switch directions quickly.  Hopi and Pueblo tribes believe roadrunners to be protectors against evil spirits and are considered medicine birds. Some tribes consider the bird to be sacred and will not kill the bird, while others sacrifice this bird and eat its meat for medicine, strength and stamina.  Roadrunners have an unusual X-shaped footprint, often used as a sacred symbol to ward off evil spirits in certain tribes.  The X-shaped footprint tracks conceals which direction the bird is headed (thus throwing malignant spirits off-track.) 


From the blog ‘Feathers and Bones’, I found a wealth of information…  I’m liking the Roadrunner more and more.

– Although speed is its ally, time is irrelevant to the roadrunner. It can do several things at once and isn’t bothered with completing one thing before moving on to the next. This is partly due to its great mental agility represented by the crest on its head.. Many native cultures believe a "crest" symbolizes quick and efficient thinking capabilities. Those with this medicine have the ability to think quickly on their feet, flow with rapid change and understand the proper use of speed. 


– Due to the roadrunner’s large body, it cannot stay airborne for more than a few seconds and so, it prefers walking or running. It has a clownish gait when running or walking and reminds us to laugh with ourselves and not take things too seriously.


– The roadrunner is a vocal bird producing a variety of sounds from crows, chuckles, clacking and coos. Roadrunner asks us to use sound to benefit ourselves. Distract unwanted influences or say the right thing at the right time. By listening to the roadrunner we discover the right tone to use in any situation from a low coo to a screeching chuckle. Sound as well as speed can pierce through a situation and change its energy. Shamans are known to use both to shape shift realities when necessary.


– When spring arrives, the male roadrunner acquires food for himself and then offers choice morsels to a female as an inducement to mating. He often dances around her while she begs for food, then gives her the morsel after breeding briefly. Roadrunner teaches us the importance of honoring our personal needs first before giving to others. Some might think of this as a selfish act but in truth it is a balanced one. Although roadrunner has an ulterior motive when offering the female food (that of breeding) it carries the message of survival. Take care of yourself first and then assist others.


– Because roadrunner is always thinking of ways to get what it wants it reminds those with this medicine to use the ingenuity of their minds. If a problem occurs "think" yourself out of it. Highly intelligent, roadrunner medicine people have the mental capabilities to fix or change any situation. Procrastination is not part of this medicine. Roadrunner reminds us that mental alertness, speedy action coupled with the right use of sound always produces harmonious outcomes.


With an open heart and mind, I welcome the Roadrunner as a Spirit Animal in my life.  May I be reminded to be quick thinking, adapt to change, to laugh at myself and not take things too seriously, to use sound and speed to alter a situation or change its energy, to honor my needs first, take care of self first, so that I can then be of service to others, and to use my brain….I am smart, may I use my intellect for the greatest good, swift, alert, eyes open, able to adapt, messenger of the roads, of the Spirits. 


I think it is no coincidence that my name, Iris in Greek mythology is the “Messenger of the Gods” who moves with the speed of the wind and the Roadrunner is “Messenger of the roads and Spirits”, known for its Speed.  One more connection, thank you Creator. 


Spreading Love,

Paying Attention,

Letting my Light Shine,

Treasuring the Journey…one day at a time.








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2 Responses to “Meditation Day 1 – Roadrunner”

  1. Says:

    Roadrunner photo attached from our Nevada trip.


  2. Paulette Bernstein Says:

    Uplifting, motivating and inspirational….also reassurance to some of my own beliefs. May you have success in completing this requirement for your certificate. I saw a roadrunner on our trip out West! Thank you for sharing this in a way that it can be read again for the benefit and encouragement of others – including me! Love, Yo Momma

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