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Watermelon! August 20, 2012

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To say Cason loves watermelon is an understatement.  These pictures provide all the proof…

Getting ready to chow down.  Daddy hurry up with this bib already! 


Open Wide! 


Chomp Chomp Chomp!




Watermelon eating is serious business!


Want some Daddy? 


What mess?


I have never smiled and laughed so much while enjoying some delicious watermelon. 

Have you eaten watermelon lately?  You should get one while the season is still in!  Next year he can experiment with the seeds.  How far can you spit your seeds?  LOL!



One Response to “Watermelon!”

  1. Grandmomma Says:

    I can smell the watermelon through cyberspace!!!!!!!!!!! How delightful! I bet it was fun watching him eat it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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