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One digit makes all the difference February 24, 2012

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First off, Woo Hoo!  It is FRIDAY!  TGIF TGIF TGIF!  Can you tell that I am glad it is Friday.  Whew, what a week! Hello Weekend!


Ok, on to the point of this blog post…


I am sure many of you ladies have given out your number to a guy and perhaps mixed up one digit, perhaps two digits so that he could not call you.  Heck, some of you may be dyslexic and have to deal with mixed up digits all the time!  But for me, I am known for being correct with phone numbers, particularly when it comes to my job! 


Many of you know that I work in Business Development/Sales and that I conduct most of my meetings via conference line and online virtual meetings.  I have been working on a potential project since June of last year and in this past week, I have finally received the go-ahead on this project. YEA!  Today was our ‘kick-off’ call with the client and one of my last times to chat with our main contact.  So, in my quick haste last night to send out a meeting request, I hurriedly entered the conference line information and passcode and hit Send. 


Well when it came time to be on the call today, I was the only one on the line and then my coworker sends me an IM saying something is wrong with the conference line, then she realizes I had provided the wrong conference line number in the meeting request.  I was off by one digit.  7 instead of 1.  So as I am quickly sending emails to the meeting participants to get everyone on the correct line, I receive another IM from my other coworker, Ashley, who is also supposed to be on the call with me… 


Her IM read:  “is this a porn hot line!?" 


OMG!  OH MY GOD, yes that is what I squealed!  How embarrassing!  Geez!  The exact word I typed back to my coworkers was $HIT! Thank goodness the client was very understanding and the rest of the call went fine.  Good Grief!


I had provided the wrong phone number, off by one digit and when you dial the number I provided, it went to a “live chat” hotline advertising recording.  The thoughts that ran through my head of what possibly could be on the other wrong phone number recording! Whew, it was only a “live chat” hotline, but it was still bad enough!  Funny afterwards though! As my coworker Ashley put it, “This ones for the books.”  In my world, this funny Friday moment is “one for the blog!” 


Done something embarrassing lately?  Do tell in the comments!  🙂


TGIF! again for good measure!


Go out and have a fantastic weekend!

Iris, still a little red-in-the-face! (#^.^#)


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