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I am 5 Months Old Today! August 3, 2011

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Hi!  I am Cason and I am taking a turn writing on Mommy’s blog today.  I am 5 months old today!  I have recently learned to roll over, though I don’t do it every time.  I am filling out and getting heavy.  I weigh around 15 pounds!  I love to play in my walker toys and love to grab Mommy and Daddy’s noses and brush their cheeks with my hands while I am starting to drift to sleep.  I have started eating rice cereal with some pears, but it is not that great tasting, but Mommy tries to feed it to me every day.  I love my changing table, I have a great view of my room and the cool crafty circles my Mommy hung up on the wall.  My favorite activity is gumming on anything – toys, my fingers, the burp cloth, Mommy’s hands, anything I can get in my mouth I am going for it!  Oh, and I love to laugh.  Daddy is especially funny. 


Mommy took a few pictures of me this morning before I headed off to daycare.  I can make lots of expressions! 






















Can’t wait to play with you! 


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