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Treasuring the journey through life, one footstep at a time.

This Warmed my Heart today July 8, 2011

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Did you watch the shuttle launch today?  I did!  Picture perfect launch and an historic event for the U.S.A..  I can’t believe the shuttle program is ending.  Would you go into space if you could?  I definitely would.  The ticket price for a ride to space is still a bit steep for me, but maybe within my lifetime everyday people can ride into space like we fly on airplanes today or on the movie 5th Element.  I certainly hope so. 


STS-135 Atlantis Launch


Ok, so the space shuttle event did not necessarily warm my heart, but this story did.


“6-year-old cancer patient gets a royal hug from Kate, Duchess of Cambridge”  I pray for little Diamond a miraculous recovery.

Click the link to read about her story and see pictures. 



What warmed your heart today?  Have a happy weekend!




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