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Say Hello to my Little Furry Friends January 3, 2011

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Hope everyone had a good day back at work today. It is always hard to go back to work after having several days off and a short week the prior week. I survived and all in all it was a productive Monday. On Sunday I snapped a few pics of two special furry friends I have made over the past few weeks. Say hello to Miss Kitty and Fangles!

Miss Kitty:

I named Miss Kitty because she walks around very prim and proper and the title “Miss” just seems to fit her.

Fangles: (rhymes with tangles)

I named Fangles since she is missing her two incisor teeth, what I call her fangs. I have no idea why someone would have those teeth removed on a cat, but she does not have hers. She is also declawed on her front paws. She is an outside cat and I just hate it…she is basically defenseless.

Fangles and Miss Kitty are somewhat friendly, but they get a little defensive when they both end up on the back porch at the same time for some food. No hissing, but there is definitely an exchange of kitty growls. The picture below is of a stare down that took place on Sunday afternoon.

These two cute furry felines live in the neighborhood and I don’t think they belong to anyone. They have gotten used to me feeding them in the mornings and have become regulars on the back porch each morning, except for when it is freezing cold outside. Both are very sweet and love to be petted. I have always been a cat lover and have had cats as pets for the majority of my life. My first word when I was a baby was “kitty” so they obviously have been a part of my life for a very long time.

My last two cats I had as pets, Whitey and Blackie, both passed in 2009 (Whitey on 1/1/09 and Blackie on 6/19/09) and I have not had the desire to take on any pets since that time. Since I am pregnant now, Pete is not too keen on the idea of bringing a cat (or cats) into our house right now until the baby is born, we get established and accustom to baby life, and so on. I don’t necessarily love this decision, but at least Pete does not freak out that I am feeding these two little felines on our back porch. We bring them inside for little bits of time as long as we are here and watch to see how they react. I think they both have been inside cats at some point since they do not seem to be over curious about the house. They more or less like to lie down and cat nap. 🙂

Pete grew up with “outside cats” while I grew up with strictly “indoor cats”. Pete feels that cats like to be free to roam around and check out the neighborhood and they come home or visit their many homes when they get hungry. I can see where the cats like to roam around, but I worry about them getting hit by a car, attacked by a dog or other cat, or picked up by some freak person who will mistreat them. Every morning when I go outside to feed them and they don’t immediately come around I have this worry feeling that comes over me. When it is cold outside like it was last week, I did not see Miss Kitty for 6 days and it was horrible. I kept calling for her, meowing for her, etc. She finally came around and I was so relieved to see her again. Pete keeps telling me that they evidently have somewhere warm and dry to go, which is probably true, but I still do not like it.

Pete and I will continue to have the conversation of indoor versus outdoor cats. I am obviously voting for indoor. I want to know my pets are safe and have food and a warm/dry place to sleep. I doubt I am ever swayed to having an outdoor only cat. Pete says that Miss Kitty and Fangles have claimed me and not the other way around of me claiming them. I wish they were our indoor kitties and not left to fend for themselves on the street. I will continue to feed and love on Miss Kitty and Fangles and maybe one day they will officially become my kitties, with a collar and an ID tag with our contact info, and proper vet care. Maybe they will win Pete over one day and he will fold on his outdoor kitty only stance.

What is your take on indoor versus outdoor? Do you have an outside cat? If so, how do you deal with it when they are missing or just on the prowl for a few days? Should I be ok with having an outside cat for the time being since I can’t have an indoor cat right now and be happy with the fact that I at least have two kitties that I interact with pretty much daily (except when they are prowling)?

I would love to hear your thoughts,

One last shot of Miss Kitty – she likes to pose for the camera! Fangles would prefer to roll around on the concrete.


2 Responses to “Say Hello to my Little Furry Friends”

  1. Paulette (Yo Momma) Says:

    Keep Fangles and Miss Kitty on the schedule they are on now. They seem to be adjusting and faring well. They must have care elsewhere. Do cats ever need to have teeth pulled? Maybe the teeth were pulled because someone was taking care of them!

  2. Chrisy Says:

    How providencial that you should blog on this now. Several years ago I rescued two kitties from death. They were the only two survivors from their litter. Their momma and siblings had perished in the cold and they were brought to a shelter to be killed. Like they hadnt already suffered enough. For a while they were inside kitties! About a year after we got them our son, Philip, started suffering from severe asthma. The kitties were banned to the ‘fend for yourself’ outside world. I hated this but wasnt about to put my sons health in jeopardy. Rowdy is a long-haired Persian type cat; fat, lazy, prissy, much like you Miss Kitty. He would rather lay around in the sunshine and eat all day. Oscar is short-haired, active, athletic, and can howl like a banshee. Rowdy tends to stay very close to the house, but Oscar is a wanderer which worries me. Sometimes he’s gone for days at a time but always comes back looking very well taken care of. They both usually come when its time to eat or when I call them. If we are outside they are usually right with us. They get along amenably with our Yellow Lab Nala with an occasional swat on the snout if she gets too rough with them. They are wonderful cats. Did I mention they are both jet black? I noticed the other day that I hadnt seen Oscar in about a day and a half; which is not all together unusual. He’s the wanderer, but he always comes back. When he gets cold and hungry, he’ll come home and stay for several days in the patio and then head back out for his grand adventures. I called several times and I could hear him howling. I walking to the back alley and could still hear him. I looked everywhere; still no Oscar. And then I saw him. My dear wandering cat was and is still being held hostage in my neighbors HOUSE. I would call his name and he was watching me through the window howling. Philip had to hold me back because I almost broke into the house. I know that Oscar is a willy one and he will run out of the house when he gets a chance and come straight home. Now I know who has been taking his collars off for the past three years. We’ve gone through about ten of them. Collars and ID tags. The only solace I take from him being in their house is that when he finally comes home he’s fatter than when he left and his hair is incredibly silky because he’s been brushed! He’s mad as hell, but he looks great! So to answer your questions about inside or outside kitties….I think it really depends on the kitty and your family. Rowdy would be happy to be an inside cat lounging around as long as he had a cat door so he could go outside to do his business and then come back in. Oscar obviously is miserable as an inside cat. He prefers a wanderers existence, some freedom to explore; but that does come with its risks and dangers. I would prefer they both be inside cats but Im not willing to stress my son’s lungs now that they are healthy again and Im not willing to try to make Oscar fit my mold of what a cat should be. Rowdy comes in sometimes but its usually more often than not that he sits by the door and looks longingly outside at the birds so I just let him back outside. I think he just knows that where all the fun stuff is. He’s our gentle hunter, bringing us living baby bunnies and baby chipmunks, and I think he likes it that way. So in making your decision, you have to learn your cats personality and what fits your family and then it should be what’s best for everyone; family and cat!

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