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Do you consign? I do, here’s why. December 8, 2010

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Howdy People!

In thinking about what to post this week, I decided to post about being a consignor at a consignment shop. I went today to one of the consignment shops that I consign at to pick up my earnings. I am curious how many of you consign or have tried it before?

We have several consignment stores in my part of the world and this past year I started consigning some of my “gently used” clothing, housewares, jewelry, shoes, purses, and linens at two of the shops. I started off just shopping at the consignment store for clothes and household items. I inquired about the consignment process, since this would be my first time being a consignor. The “setup fee” was $10, make an appointment, they price everything, I make 50% of the sale price, and after 90 days I can either come pick my stuff up or they donate it to a local charity. I thought to myself…hmmmm, minimal input on my part, I get the excess stuff out of my house, and I just may make some $$$ off of this! I have been on a mission to purge our house of its excessive stuff and thought I might as well try the consignment route instead of taking the items directly to Goodwill or the Salvation Army.

I made consignment appointments for roughly every 6 weeks so that I would be encouraged to keep going through my excessive stuff and purge, purge, purge. 🙂 I have the option of getting a check cut for my earnings or I can use my account credit earnings to cover my purchases. I have used both options over the past 10 months and LOVE the process. I inquired today at both of the stores on my yearly total earnings and was pleasantly shocked to find out how much I had made over the course of the year from consigning….

Grand total: $289.93!

Again, little input on my part, more stuff is gone from my house, and I earned some money. I will definitely be continuing this process next year, though I may try to shop a little less and not use the account credit as much. I think if I held out all year and get one payout check at the end of the year that it would seem a little more rewarding and definitely put a huge dent into the Christmas shopping budget! Or I could decide on one larger item for myself and use my consignment earnings to buy it. Hmmmm…

I know there are many variations of the pricing, % earned, and so on across the consignment shops, but for me the plan I have works great! I just drop the stuff off and they do the rest. Easy Peasy! So now I have a box labeled “Donate” for items that go directly to Salvation Army/Goodwill, one box labeled “Consignment”, and one box labeled trash. Because I have regular appointments the box for consignment items does not build up and become irritating for me. One thing I always hate about putting on a yard sale is having to hold on to so many boxes of stuff in preparation for the big sale. Not to mention the pricing, haggling, early morning, etc that come with a yard sale.

So, readers, do you consign? If so, I hope you have had great success with it like I have. If you have never consigned, you might want to consider it. I am certainly glad I did! 🙂

Here are two items I bought today with some of my consignment earnings.

A cute little stained glass frame for my baby boy’s room:

A cute little necklace for me:

Iris, the Happy Consignor


7 Responses to “Do you consign? I do, here’s why.”

  1. […] friend and sponsor, has called attention to her shop by commenting on blogs. Here’s one she did just the other […]

  2. Kitty Says:

    Iris, what a great blog on consigning! From a resale store owner’s perspective, it’s so nice to see how much our customers love what we do just like we enjoy doing it. I wish you were closer to us in Illinois.

  3. Jenni Says:

    I love consignment! I’ve always brought my children’s things in to sell and now I consign my clothes and furniture with two other stores near me. I’ve made lots of money over the years and when I consider how much I’ve saved on things like that fancy dress for my daughter that she’ll only wear on Christmas Eve, that I bought on consignment for 1/4 of the price I’d have paid at the mall, I know that I’ve saved tons too.

  4. […] 13, 2010 by Auntie Kate Great little blog entry from a consignor’s point of view. <Click to see what she has to say. I love “eavesdropping” on our audience like […]

  5. Auntie Kate Says:

    Hi Iris, I must say, in a lifetime as a career consignment shop owner/ author/ consultant, I have NEVER run across a consignor who schedules several appointments in the future! How SMART of you, to motivate yourself that way. You’ve inspired me to add a note to our Professional Resalers’ Blog at about what a good idea this is, and how shopkeepers could suggest this to their consignors.

    Hey, and looking through your great thrift buys, I would say you have a great career ahead of you as a picker. You sure find the deals! Hopefully, though, you won’t be like The Picker Who Perished, in my consignment shop mystery novel 😉 at

    • Thanks, Kate, for stopping by! I read several pages of your blog last week and will keep coming back for more tips. I knew that by making appointments in advance I would have no excuse to continuously purge and would avoid the last minute round-up of consignment stuff. I have monthly appointments from now through March! One other reason for the appointments in advance, the consignment shops I visit have a HUGE number of consignors and currently you can’t get another appointment until mid-February, they are that booked up! 🙂 Thanks for including my blog on yours! I appreciate it! Iris

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