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Oh How I Love Thrift Stores! November 9, 2010

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Hello, my name is Iris, and I am a thrift store addict. I am shocked I am just now writing about my thrift store excursions on my blog! Thrift stores hold a special place in my heart.  I love the thrill of the hunt, the unexpected finds, the great deals!  I visit thrift stores in my area multiple times per week on my lunch break. I work from home so my lunch time is my time to escape and get out of the house for a little bit. We have several thrift stores in my area of northwest Alabama and I make my rounds. I have a rule of taking at least one donation box per week to a thrift store in a feeble attempt to keep control of the amount of stuff in our house. I also have a monthly consignment appointment to encourage me to continually purge and evaluate our possessions. Anyways, I wanted to share with you my finds from today’s thrift store excursion to St. Vincent De Paul’s thrift store.

First off I normally do not buy clothing from this thrift store as they tend to be extremely over-priced. $7 for a blouse, $7 for baby clothes, etc. Ridiculous. Ok, I won’t rant anymore on that one…I actually had to put some items back today. SVDP’s only takes cash and I had exactly $47. My total came to $46.11, a lot higher than what I normally spend, but I got some good loot treasures!

Today was a good day at SVDP! Here is what I found:

1. Leap Frog LeapStart Learning Gym: $10! Available new from $99.95! SCORE!!!

2. Cabin Creek Wool Coat: $10! I have been needing a new winter coat and really like the soft tan color of it.

3. Safari Prints for Baby Peanut’s Nursery: $5/each.  Pete had said the other night when we were discussing the nursery that he thought “animals” would be cute. I love the colors in these prints and think they will look GREAT in Peanut’s nursery! WOO HOO!

4. Wine Corks: $12.70 for 254 corks. This works out to $.05/cork and that is a great price. You can find comparable prices on eBay for corks, but then you have to pay shipping and have to purchase online, wait on it, etc. I have several crafty ideas for wine corks and could not resist buying these. 🙂  I will post later about my wine cork crafty ideas. 

5. Three Large Canvas Reusable Shopping Bags: $.50 each for $1.50 total. I strive very hard to use my reusable bags and would give myself a B+ grade on this. I have several reusable bags already, but some are on the small side and don’t hold a lot of groceries. The bags I bought are heavy-duty material, large, and have good handles.

I was going to buy Pete a pair of Vasque brand steel-toe hiking boots, but was not sure if he could fit into these and he is a little funny about buying shoes from thrift stores.  Last month I found a gently used pair of Merrell hiking/running shoes for $4 and he has been wearing them all the time.  I mentioned the Vasque boots to Pete and he decided to run down to SVDP and try them on for size.  $6 for hiking boots that can range from $140 – $210 new, you can’t beat that price!  I’ll let  you know later if he came home with them!

Have  you found any great deals on your recent thrift store rounds?  I would love to hear about your bargains!  🙂



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