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For Your Reading Pleasure July 30, 2013

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Whew, I have been reading a lot of deep, I mean deep, hit-me-to-the-core, sucker punch words lately.  It is like the universe is saying to me “Look up, Listen, and Take Note!”.  Here are a few great blog posts that whispered, screamed, and sang to me all at the same time.  Click the images to read the posts.


Brush Off Your Own Story


I had an ugly cry on Saturday.  I won’t get into the details, but it was needed and a long time coming and I am thankful I had a friend by my side when it happened.  It is so easy to go with the ‘Fine’ answer when asked how you are doing.  When was the last time someone took the time to ask you how you are REALLY doing, you know, the below-the-surface question?  When was the last time that you took the time to answer that below-the-surface question with the true below-the-surface emotional answer? 



Becoming More Positive


Some people seem to be naturally positive people, others seem to be naturally negative or cynical.  I liked to think I am closer to being naturally positive, but I can quickly and easily get closer to being negative than I care to admit, especially when the stress has been turned up a notch or two, or twenty.  I commend Elizabeth for putting her personal story out there for the world to read, but I commend her even more for her commitment to remaining focused on being more positive each and every day.  A great read from an aspiring new author, my best to Elizabeth in her future writing endeavors and to her personal war against depression. 



New Mom Advice


Even though I am not a ‘new’ mom anymore, as my little boy is almost two and a half years old, most of this advice still applies.  A few snippets that still ring true at newborn, two years, 5 years, 15 years, 30 years, forever….

  • Cut yourself some slack.
  • Parent towards the big picture and know many of the things you fret over aren’t as important as they pretend to be.
  • Learn to ditch the mom-guilt fast, if you don’t squash it when they are tiny it will haunt all your mothering.
  • Don’t forget who you are. It’s easy to get lost in parenting. For “you” to get lost.
  • Give yourself grace as you learn the ropes. Give your children grace too.
  • Let yourself mess up and then dare to admit it, and let them do the same.
  • Your only goal is to raise someone who cares about others and can make good decisions.
  • We all feel like we have no business to be doing what we are doing and that we must be messing it all up.
  • Surround yourself with other parents who can build you up, reassure you, and swap stories (and babysitting) as needed.



When you  think your love story is boring


Pete will probably never ever run through an airport professing his love for me, but that is ok.  His consistent ways each day with our little family show his love for me, and for us, even on the days when he drives me bonkers and gets under my skin.  Love is hard, marriage is harder, but very much worth it.  I needed this good reminder about what love really really really is in the grand scheme of things. 


Read anything inspiring, uplifting, funny, or just simply awesome lately? Please share with me in the comments below!


Be awesome today!




For Your Reading Pleasure May 15, 2013

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I found these post to be real, honest, hit-the-nail-on-the-head correct, and witty and funny at the same time.  Hope they give you some entertainment and more importantly, some perspective as well. 



Making Peace With Pinterest



Sometimes we just need to say NO!  Even to Pinterest! I look to Pinterest for my INSPIRATION, not as the example of it has to look EXACTLY like the one they did.  :-)  Perfection is not the goal.  The goal is do something that you enjoy whether it be cooking, crafting, DIY projects, sewing, etc…The goal is to make something, to create something, to put your personal touch on it…make it unique…JUST LIKE YOU!



One Thing Your Daughter Doesn’t Need You To Say

Be the example?  Be a friend?  Be real?  Be you? 




My friend, Carrie-Anne (Hi CAS!), sent me the link to this blog thinking I would like it. :-) Oh yes, I have read this blog many many times….amazing, soulful writer.  Good good stuff.  The pressure of being “the example”.  Whew, that is tough..perhaps we need to rethink and rephrase that approach…not just with our daughters or sons, but ourselves as well.



What Do You Have Too Much Of?


Fiesta Plates


After this weekend of packing almost 40 boxes in preparation of our move, I can safely say we have WAY too much stuff…plates, bowls, books, fabric, glass, on and on…..remember my list of collections, I mean my hoard….Whew it is overwhelming.  One would think after packing up 40 boxes that it would look like a dent was made….well maybe a minor dent like a car ding in a parking lot dent….but there is more to pack. HELP!   And you all don’t even have a clue about the stuff that my lovely hubby, Pete, has.  LOL!    What do you have too much of? 


Hope you are having a great week!  It has been beautiful here in lovely north Alabama the past few days.  Get out and enjoy some sunshine.  Read anything inspiring, uplifting, funny, or just simply awesome lately?  Please share in the comments section. 


Be awesome today!




Pinterest Project…This One is Taking Longer Than Expected May 9, 2013

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Ahh, Pinterest!  The inspiration is endless and creativity abounds and I L-O-V-E it!  Are you on Pinterest?  Do you know what Pinterest is?  OML it is amazing!  (BTW, I am over OMG so I updated to OML)  This post is not meant to explain Pinterest and all of its pinning wonderfulness.  So, back to topic…My Pinterest-inspired Project that is taking a wee bit longer than expected to fully implement. 


So here is a snapshot of my inspirational pins for my ABC wall art project…


Pinterest Board: Pretty Projects



:-)  Those cute ABCs just make me smile.  There are probably a few more pins of ABC wall art examples on some other Boards that I have, but you get the idea. If you want to click through any of those pins, click the image above to go to the Pinterest board:  Pretty Projects


I pinned all of these over 1 year ago and have been working on this project ever since. I am sure many of you might be saying “Geez, take long to finish a project, Iris?”  and I agree this one is taking longer than even I expected, but I did add a layer of complexity to this project and thus it is taking longer.  My challenge to myself was that the letters had to come from 2nd hand sources such as thrift stores, yard/garage sales, consignment store,or off the side of the road, or of the like.  I challenge myself on an everyday basis to not shop retail when possible and this especially applies to creative projects. 


With a project like this, sure it would be easy to go to Hobby Lobby or Joann’s or wherever to purchase my letters of various fonts, sizes, and materials, but it makes it too easy, at least for me.  I want this project to be organic in nature in that by it taking a longer time to acquire the letters and them coming from different sources, they will naturally be different.  So after a year or so of collecting <hoarding> letters, here is how my ABC wall art is coming along.


Angle from A Side





Angle from Z Side



Yes, I have duplicates of many letters.  I like to keep spares for various gift giving opportunities, plus I have other letter-inspired projects in my head swirling around.  ;-)  Not to mention my hoarding issues. I wrote about those issues in my Confessional List.  It is LOL funny.  If you happen to want one of my duplicate letters, let me know.  I am sure we can work out a deal. 


I am still on the hunt for a few letters.  Did you happen to catch which ones are missing?  Funny or ironic to me is that 2 of the 4 letters that I ‘need’ for this project happen to be 2 of my former 3 initials before I got married. 


At minimum I need a , and .  

The ‘T’ I have is too itty-bitty for ‘the look’ I am trying to achieve.


I also think my two letter ‘D’s are kinda wimpy so I would like a more substantial



For the letters that need a little color pop or pattern or texture added, I think that is a great way for Cason and I to spend some time together…Craft time with decorating letters.  Yea!  :-) 


I have the wall space picked out of where I want to install the ABC wall art.  I have opted to take a slightly different approach on attaching the letters to the wall than most of the other projects I have seen.  I want this to be easily portable and moveable so I have a plan up my sleeve and I have already twisted Pete’s arm into helping me.  There will be more to come on this Pinterest-inspired Project in the coming weeks. 


Do you have a project that is taking FOREVER?!?!?  Do tell!  Got a J, V, T, or D you want to donate to my project?  Donations are perfectly acceptable according to the rules that I make up as I go along.   :-) 


Stay tuned,


P.S.  Source for J, V, D, and T.


Are you in a Trance? Do you KNOW that you are enough? May 8, 2013

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I am reading a fabulous book with a group of incredible women. I feel changes taking place in my heart and encourage any of you who want to open and explore your heart, your Story, and what you embody to read this book.

The Trance of Scarcity by Victoria Castle

It is a deep book and will require you to dig deep and think about yourself, your life, your story or the stories that you have been told and that you tell yourself. If you are ready to make a change in your life and your way of thinking, then I encourage and challenge you to buy and read this book too!


I am halfway through reading the book and know it is making a difference in my life.  Are you ready for some changes and ready to begin your personal transformation?  This book can help you on your journey.


Order it…Now!  Don’t delay!  Get out of your trance and start really living and thriving.   Click on the image above to go directly to Amazon and purchase the book. 

If you have read this book, I would love to hear your thoughts on the book and how you benefited from reading it. 


You are enough!  XO




Closure and After May 7, 2013

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How many of you are waiting for one chapter or story in your life to close so that another can begin?  Closure can seem like it takes F O R E V E R and then some.  The stresses that come with the need for closure are many, such as anxiety, when is it coming?, how will it come?, will the outcome be what I expect?, what do I expect anyway?, and so on and on…The expectations get raised, all kinds of what-if scenarios are imagined and in many cases, a lot of us think the absolute worst in the possible outcomes.  We create so much worry, angst, and anxiety within ourselves.



In chatting with my sister recently, we realized we are both in a place where we need closure. The closures my sibling and I are seeking are both professional in nature even though we do very different types of work. I work in sales and am awaiting the decision on a contract that has been in play for many months.  My sister waiting for a position at work, a step up, advancement, a new career path that has also been in play for many months, even years.  We are both telling each other to be patient, and just wait.  My sister finally exclaimed “I JUST NEED CLOSURE!!!” and I could not agree more for her situation or for mine. 


The exciting and exhilarating, sometimes viewed as scary and terrifying, thing about closure is the AFTER.  You know, the ‘Now What’?’ question that comes into play.  Where do I go from here?  Now what?  For the outcome in closure in many cases can have a heavy impact on future decisions and life scenarios.  And if you are like my sister and I who play the ‘what if this happens, then I will do this, and also do X, Y, and Z, ‘just-in-case’ scenarios and then we worry about all of them.


now whatSource


So, are you awaiting closure on a matter in your life?  I am sure it is a long time coming and I hope your outcome is better than whatever it is that you are expecting.  :-)  Be thinking about your ‘Now What?’, not in a ‘scared of what might happen’ way, but instead be EXCITED and OPTIMISTIC about the POSSIBILITIES way of thinking.   


I am consciously trying to think about my ‘Now What?” in a positive light instead of filling myself with worry about the unknown future and all of my worst case scenario what-if stories I spin up.  I am uncovering more and more that life is all about your perception, your thoughts, and the stories that we tell ourselves.  I encourage you to start filling your thoughts with awesome, positive, dream BIG ‘Now What?’ ideas.


So, please tell me are you seeking closure in something?  How are you answering your ‘Now What?’ questions?  Do you like the answers you are telling yourself?  If not, then change them!  It really is that easy!


Closure is coming, I can feel it….and I am looking forward to the ‘Now What?’ phase to come to fruition!  I hope you are too.


Dream Big and then Dream Bigger!





Worth Reading On Wednesday March 19, 2013

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These are blog posts that I have found to be honest, keeping it real, inspiring, uplifting, encouraging, thoughtful, introspective, among other feelings.  Maybe one will speak to you…check them out!



I Want to Be Awesome at Humility by Tiny Twig


An honest depiction of ‘when things get wild’ from a Mom/Wife/Woman’s perspective.  I love the part about “I want to be awesome at everything!”.  Hello!  Raise your hand if this applies to you!  That is so me!  The comments section is great too…we are not alone ladies! :-)




When Your Sister is Coming by The Nester



The Nester is one of my favorite daily blogs.  Her words ring truth for me almost daily; yet she has no idea how many women she inspires.  I am guilty of the all-or-nothing mindset many times when it comes to do a project, cleaning a room, organizing, etc.  If I can’t do it to the fullest degree that I envision in my mind, then I would prefer to just not do it all.  I am working on that mindset, but whew, IT IS HARD.  Perfectionism is a hard habit, way of life and thinking that is hard to move past.




To the Parents of Small Children:  Let Me Be the One Who Says It Out Loud


This post had me in stitches and close to tears at the same time, this Pastor nailed it and I thank him for writing out the list of “Your Not a Terrible Parent…” list.  This one hits so close to home for me.  Here is an excerpt:

“You’re an actual parent with limits. You cannot do it all. We all need to admit that one of the casualties specific to our information saturated culture is that we have sky-scraper standards for parenting, where we feel like we’re failing horribly if we feed our children chicken nuggets and we let them watch TV in the morning.  One of the reasons we are so exhausted is that we are oversaturated with information about the kind of parents we should be…”

Click on the links above to read these fantastic posts by some great authors.


Ta Ta for Now,




confessional list February 27, 2013

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I have mentioned over the past few months with a select few people that I have issues.  I have many issues, all of which I am not about to divulge here on this blog today, but I am going to share one of my bigger issues.  I do not know why I feel the need to share this list and in some weird way confess this information, but nonetheless I do feel compelled to share.  So, here goes. 


I am well on my way to being a hoarder!  HOARDER!  Some of my awesome, loving, support friends and family try to help me rationalize and label it something else as “Oh no honey, you are just a collector”, or “You see other ways objects can be utilized and your creativity”…and so on.  And first and foremost, to those of you who try to help me laugh at myself or tell me that it isn’t THAT bad, well THANK YOU, but I mean, let’s just be REAL!  I may not be to the “let’s call TLC Hoarders” stage yet, but I assure you, I am well on my way if things don’t change! 


A few weeks back while Cason was napping and I was attempting to clean the house (and was failing miserably), I decided to just write down the items that I tend to hoard.  Most of you probably already know that I LOVE LOVE LOVE thrift stores, so you can already see how this story goes…LOL!  I have come to the realization that I compulsively buy things simply because they fall into a category of object/thing/item/collectible/stuff that I like.  It does not matter that I might have 14 of that same item already at home in some shape or size.  In less than 10 minutes I had quickly (it was a little too easy honestly for me to rattle the list off so quickly) ticked off 50 categories!  OH MY STARS!  I was laughing in a “are you for real” type of way by the time I was done.  This massive list was starring me in the face once and for all.  Even though I “see” the stuff every day, I evidently have begun to not see it anymore.  Those clutter blinders are working overtime!


So, without further ado, here is my Hoarding List Confessional (not in any specific order):


So, WHEW!   What a list!  Are you still with me?  Hopefully you didn’t bail on me after reading that list.  Embarrassing on many levels, but it is just real.  So, now what?  If you are like me, you are asking “Ummm, where do I even start?”   Tossing it all out would not be good, so let’s just skip right over that option.  I obviously need to cull a LOT of stuff.  I wrote this list in late January and since then I have been steadily trying to go through my stuff.  I have attempted to better organize what I am keeping and be much more mindful of my purchases when I am out on my thrift store jaunts.  I have taken 20 boxes for donation at various local thrift stores, 10 bins for consignment, and recycled/tossed what I could.  I will provide more details later on my different quirky hoard of items. The funny part of it all is that most of my stuff is neatly arranged, OCD organized, and quite lovely….Organized Clutter at it’s finest, at least that is what I keep telling lying to myself.


So, anyone else a closet hoarder?  Or are you just out in the open like me now?  :-)  Have you made your list?  Do you need to? 


I am off to the thrift store, I mean, errr, off to sort through more items. 😉


Stay Groovy! 




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